5 Wishes Slots

If you were presented with a once and a lifetime opportunity to make three wishes? What would you do with them? The timeless classic of Arabian nights with the genie in the bottle, is back, bigger and better than ever on the game reels with 5 Wishes, a new slot game by the gaming engine master, Real Time Gaming, a name that needs no introduction.

5 Wishes Slots, sets the standard for genie themed games with the advent of a super cluster of wins. When you win, you can find yourself in a cascade of wins. It also features animated icons that light up and interact on the reels.

Real Time Gaming Rocks

If you game in the online casino scene, then there is a strong chance that you know about Real Time Gaming, the proud developer of 5 Wishes Slots. Real Time Gaming separates itself from the other major gaming engines, due to the fact that it gets the best out of the flash engine. Flash, since the beginning of online casino games, has been the backbone to bring these games to life. Flash is a special technology which preserves the gaming integrity and graphics for optimal performance. Real Time Gaming also specializes in producing bonus rich games, and some of those games even features a progressive jackpot.

It's All In The Practice

Real Time Gaming makes their games in a way where you can get some practice play with their games, much like 5 Wishes Slots when it gets a full release. All of the game features are available in practice play, but you won't be able to win real money in the process.

A Magical Theme

5 Wishes Slots, is all about the magical theme. The true aura and power of the Arabian, Alaadin theme is played out on the reels. All of the game icons and the reels all resemble this Alaadin, magical themed.

The Design Works Well

As you get caught in the magical carpet ride, don't forget that 5 Wishes Slots is still a very solid game that has all the tools that you need. There is a spin button of course where you can spin the reels on your own, or you can use auto play mode to set them up in a sequence. There is an options button where you can instantly review the game icons among other things. There are pay line arrows and coin size buttons to help get your bet right. There is also a jackpot meter available so you never lose sight of the bigger picture.

5 Wishes Slots Is A Lot Of Things

5 Wishes slots brings it when it comes to giving you many ways to win. There is a progressive jackpot available here along with a serious set of impacting, winning multipliers. There is also a nice free spins round.

The Power Of The Pay Lines

The magic of 5 Wishes Slots all happens on the pay lines. There are 25 pay lines. You can wager on one of them, all of them, or anything in between. Thanks to the pay line arrows you can get your bet just right.

Getting Your Bet Right

And just like you can tweak the coin size, the same is true when it comes to the coin size. The coin sizes buttons will let you tweak the coin values to your liking. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning is a penny. The maximum bet per spin is a dollar.

It's All In The Pay Table

Whenever you need to get off that magical carpet ride and check out the game icons and what they represent, all you have to do is press the pay table button and it will all be revealed to you. There are many high ranking icons including the genie, the magic lamp, the monkey, and so much more.

Powerful Bonus Rounds

The major highlight of 5 Wishes Slots, are the serious winning multipliers involved here. When you win, you stand to win big. A single win can turn to a great which win, and that in turn can turn into a major win. The more of a symbol that lands on the pay line, they will bunch together and have you win in style.

Bring On The Free Spins

Every great genie deserves a free spins round. To get into the free spins round, you will need to get at least three of the lamp icons to land on the reels. When you get into the free spins round, you will play with 10 free spins.

The Return To Player

It's hard to find anybody who likes to lose, but it does come with the territory. While 5 Wishes Slots has yet to get a wide release, it's hard to accurately determine the return to player. But if it is any indication of the typical Real Time Gaming, the return to player should work in your favor.

What About The Rating?

So far there doesn't appear to be any official rating involved with 5 Wishes Slots. There is no mature content to it, however.

Become The Next Big Winner

The stage is set for you to become the next big winner when 5 Wishes gets a full release. The online casino that is hosting it, is bound to have many ways of helping you become the next big winner, including promotions. The promotions work for both new members and returning members alike.

Playing Around Is Always Fun

Again, you can always preview 5 Wishes Slots in demo mode, so you can the look and feel of the game before you decide to wager real money.

When You Are Ready To Play For Real…

That won't be a problem at all. The online casino that you are enjoying this game at, will have many ways for you to make a deposit and get into the game. The usual methods normally involve the major credit cards. Prior to using these cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier.

You might also be able to use the popular e wallets, Neteller and Skrill to further help things. Both of these services require an email address to use. They process deposits for free. And depending on the online casino, you might even be able to use the world's most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin to make deposits. Bitcoin is a purely digital currency that runs on its own block chain technology. In order to use it, you will need a wallet that is compatible with Bitcoin. You will have to do some research, but there are many out there on the market to suit your needs. Once you have done so, convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier.

As a side not, you might also find some third party promotions like no deposits and free spins to get into the magic act of 5 Wishes Slots for free.

Playing On Your Mobile Device

The online casino hosting 5 Wishes Slots, is sure to mobile friendly and ready. All you will have to do is login to your account and choose 5 Wishes Slots and let the magic begin.