Builder Beaver Slots

Builder Beaver Slots
Good beavers go where they need to go to start building and with them by your side, you can be sure that you're getting the good payout that is needed for the cash out you want. Make sure to check out this slot machine and all that comes with it to find out what you can get when it comes to using it to your advantage. You will be glad you did when it comes to the beavers, just take in some of this info before you begin.

The Builder Beaver Slots come with 5 reels and 25 payline so you can have a decent amount of chances to win each and every time you come to play the game. You will ensure that the fun and games comes with this slot machine because it is cartoon-like and exciting for one and all. Want to try your luck? Go against the beaver and see how much you can bring home with this slot machine that challenges you.

The Beaver and Those Exciting Symbols

The beaver comes with many exciting symbols that you have to watch out for each and every time you spin the reels, so make sure to keep them in mind as you go around. They are colorful and you're able to find the beaver, the apples, the chest, flower, the saw, pinecones and whistles are all found here waiting for you to bring them home.

If you're ready to take the spins ahead of you then now is the time to do so. You can be sure that the beaver has you in mind and no one else. The wild symbol is the beaver and he is able to replace all of the other symbols on the board that he comes across except for the scatter which is the company logo that comes up on the board when you spin the reels.

The Beaver and Any Extras

The beaver does give extras when it comes to playing the game. You want to make sure that you're making the most use of the game and these extras since you are going to benefit from them in the end when you get the large payout that follows. When you get 3 or more scatters on the board then you get 10 free games that you can spin with. You get multipliers on these free spins and you're able to get more free spins on the free spins. Everyone wins with this.

You get all that you need and want from this beaver when it comes to playing with them. You can also win the jackpot that follows when you play a bit more than you normally would. With this in mind, you can continue to play with the beaver, have fun while doing it and even cash out on many of those extras that follow. Who is ready to win the beaver jackpot?