Three Stooges II Slots

Most people have heard of the iconic comedy trio the Three Stooges and that’s who this slot game is based on. If you’re a fan of the films, you’ll be happy to see the connections between this slot game by Realtime Gaming – The Three Stooges II – and the movie with the same title. The game is designed after the movie and the bonuses, as well as the symbols, are all tied in very carefully. Fans of the film franchise will quickly fall in love with this classic slot game, everyone else will want to read through our slot review carefully to decide if they want to give it a try or not. This game won’t appeal to everyone, but we were pleasantly surprised by some of the features included.

Demo This Unique Game

Realtime Gaming made this slot game to be just like the film itself, and that’s even more reason for you to take some time to test the game out and see whether you like it or not. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend money in order to try this slot. Instead, the game works in Demo mode for everyone. Just visit any compatible casino and load up the game in Demo mode to start playing for free. It only takes a few moments to do this and when you do you can get a feel for the whole game. This is convenient and quick.

Designed to be Simple But Slightly Cluttered

Even though this slot was made to be easy, it looks a bit cluttered thanks to the special bonus features that you can trigger while playing it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the game when first testing it out for this reason, but there are literally three buttons to press as you play, which makes things very easy. you adjust your wager amount up and down with a single set of arrows, then you have spin and autoplay functions to work with and that’s it.

Three Adjustable Paylines

The Three Stooges II has a total of three paylines and players are allowed to toggle them on and off. Each of those lines will accept a single coin valued at between $0.10 and $5.00. that means you can wager $0.10 to $15.00 per spin in this slot game. That’s not the best range we’ve seen but it isn’t terrible for a classic slot game either. Low to mid-stakes gamblers will have a good time with this slot game. Just be careful to make sure you’re wagering an amount you’re comfortable with because the bet amount jumps up rapidly toward that $15.00 per spin maximum.

The Stooges Symbol Breathes Life into a Stale Paytable

Without help from the stooges symbol, the best prize payout is worth just 50 coins for three of a kind. That’s pretty terrible if you ask us. Things get a little better with the 3x multiplier Stooges wild, but they still aren’t great. That maximum win goes from 50 to 450 with two Stooges stacked in the same win. The next best win is worth 270 with help from two wilds and the one after that is just 180 with two wilds and 20 without. The only way to win big in this slot, other than getting a bunch of small wins in a row, is to unlock the progressive jackpot prize. Getting three of the Stooges symbols on the same payline is the key to doing that. Get those symbols all lined up and you’ll get rewarded with a jackpot payout worth thousands. That’s not too shabby for a slot with wagering limits as low as this one.

Unlock Three Different Bonus Features

There are three different bonus features in this slot game, one for each of the Stooges. To unlock any of the features you need to get a matching trio of the character symbols on the same payline. Do this and you’ll be enjoying free spins with multipliers and all sorts of exciting prize payouts. These bonus rounds are what make this slot game worth playing. Every time you try the slot you’ll find yourself looking forward to a chance to win some of these special prizes.

Curly’s Cashola

When you get three of the Curly symbols on the same payline you’ll trigger this special feature. Enjoy 9 free spins with a 2x multiplier on any prizes that you trigger during the round. Any time you get a mixed combination of Larry, Moe, and Curly out at during a round you’ll get one additional free spin and these can really add up with this feature.

Larry’s Stash

Three Larry’s leads you to this special feature where you roll dice to choose a position on a 6-rung ladder. Each section has different spin amounts and multipliers. You can get a surprisingly large number of free spins with some decent multipliers thanks to this feature if you are lucky enough.

Moe’s Moolah

Finally, you have Moe. Three Moes and you’ll start a similar feature to what the Larry symbols unlock. Roll dice to pick one of the ladder positions with free spins and multipliers. Roll the right numbers and you could win some very nice prizes as a result.

Rating the Three Stooges II

With so many other slot games out there it’s impossible to give this slot a really high rating because there are so many things that other games do better. Still, this slot is full of character, it’s a lot of fun for fans of the comedians and it offers frequent prize payouts and lots of different bonuses. All those elements come together to make the slot more enjoyable and more worthy of a decent rating. After considering all the factors we decided to give the game a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. It’s worth playing if you’re a fan or you want a slot with lots of bonuses, but otherwise, there are better slots out there.

Give it a Try for Fun or For Real

This slot is designed to appeal to all sorts of gamblers out there. It makes no difference if you have dreams of coming away with some sweet real cash profits or you just want to have as much fun as possible with the game. This slot is available for free in demo mode or for real money if you want a chance to win real money payouts. Either way, you have a good chance to unlock some seriously good prizes from this game.

Test it with Your Smartphone

Don’t own a computer or just want to play with maximum flexibility? No worries, this game is made to run on a wide range of devices. You can play the slot on an Android, iOS or Windows smartphone. You can also use it on a range of tablet devices among other things. The game is designed to be as convenient to use as possible, which is another reason that we like it.

Yes, prize payouts are small with this slot game, and even the progressive jackpot prizes aren’t life-changing, but it’s entertaining, it offers lots of prize-winning opportunities and there aren’t many slot games out there themed after the Stooges. If you’re a fan of them, you really need to do yourself a favor and play the Three Stooges II the slot game. It’s worth a bit of time and should be tested at least once.