Tian Di Yuan Su Slots

The countries of Asia have vibrant cultures. One aspect is food. Korea is known for how they barbeque meats. Thai food is notable for how they incorporate peanut butter into their sauces. Japanese food features rice. It also usually features fish and vegetables. Sushi is a notable Japanese culinary creation. Another aspect of Asian culture would be cinema. Japan has a rich history in this area. One prominent director is Hayao Miyazaki. His animated films deal with people's relationships with nature and technology. Akira Kurosawa is known as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His seminal work Seven Samurai follows a group of samurai who are hired by villagers who are being harassed by bandits. It was later remade for American audiences as The Magnificent Seven. Another well known Kurosawa film is Rashomon. This portrays a violent act. However, it is shown again through people's memories and differing perspectives. It has influenced modern films like Pulp Fiction.

There is a new slot machine game based on Asian culture. It is entitled Tian Di Yuan Su slots. The elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal are all woven into this game. All of those elements play a key role in Asian culture.

Generous Slot Multiplier

It has 30 pay lines. There are 5 reels in the game. The win direction to look for is all symbols pay left to right. The scatter spirit of the moon symbol can pay in any direction. Another reel symbol to keep an eye out for would be the spirit of sun symbol. This is the substitute symbol. It counts for all except the spirit of the moon. The winnings are doubled when spirit of the sun appears in a winning combination. This game does not just cater to gamblers with a certain bankroll size. Rather, it allows slot players to pick an amount they are okay wagering each spin.

Say you are playing Tian Di Yuan Su and three or more spirit of the moon symbols pop up. This means eight free games. The free game option can be re-triggered. There is the possibility a person can win up to 33 games with a multiplier of 15 times. This slot machine can also be played on the go using a mobile option.

You don't have to travel to The Wynn in Macau, China to have an Asian style gambling experience. Go to your favorite online casino and play Tian Di Yuan Su slots today.