Aliens RTG Slots

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Invasion Slots

Invasion Slots With 5 reels and 243 paylines, Real Time Gaming is heading full speed ahead into the depths of outer space with this exceptional pokey, Invasion Slots has 5 reels and 243 paylines, as well as a slew of bonuses to hopefully unleash if you play consistently and with a measure of resolve. As a game of chance, the best that you can hope for is for the risk to match the reward - unless you are a fun money player, then you need just enjoy the graphics and excitement without risk. The alien craft come from the stars, right into your living room or on your mobile device to regale you with both graphics and gameplay. For those of you who are interested in that kind of thing, the volatility is at mid-level here, which just might make it more interesting to play.

So what, exactly, is the theme all about with Invasion Sots? An extraterrestrial visitation of the most determined kind, because that’s what it would take for alien visitors to traverse the vastness of the space between the stars to get here. The energy that it would take is nonpareil, and far exceeds that expended by all of humanity since the superior primate first gazed at the celestial heavens. All of the symbols on the reels are reminiscent of alien designs, like something that might have been designed by a barely-human entity that hailed from a distant planet with a habitable zone around a Type G2 star.

The symbols on the reels include alien saucers carrying extraterrestrial cargo, as well as laser guns and many of the features that you would expect to see from creatures that come from out of this world. For fun money play, all you need to do is head to the website and employ the Instant Play method. If you wish to try your hand at some real cash and prizes, then you will need to download now and install the casino software. Once you make a deposit, the casino House will match this with a Welcome Bonus that lets you keep playing for longer than you would have been able to otherwise. Download the Outer Space pokey from RTG; Invasion Slots is a blast from the Deep aiming to help you come out ahead.

Nova 7s Slots

Nova7s Slots All it takes is one look at the game to see that Nova7s Slot is an outer space pokey. It takes a bit of a closer look to see that it’s from RTG; but the exceptional graphics and well-arrayed gameboard are clear hallmarks that this one comes from the eponymous casino games maker extraordinaire. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this pokey is inundated with neon lights and space-age graphics. For real money gamers, you can bet a quarter, in increments of up to $6.25. The 25 paylines are not fixed, though, so you can choose to play any number greater than one and less than 25.

The lucrative symbols in the real money option begin with the Substitute icon, which is represented by the Red numeral 7 and can replace any other symbol except for the Scattered Blue 7. The other symbols include a purple nova, a yellow orb, a green nova, a blue nova, an orange nova, a red planet that looks just like Jupiter and an emerald green planet. The wild Red 7 has the ability to induce a mighty solar flare to replace all non-scattered symbols. There are levels to this flare which, although it’s not quite scientifically accurate, might go nova, supernova or hypernova. As for the Blue 7 Scatter, five of a kind is worth 77 coins; four of them gets you 7 coins, three of a kind is worth 2 coins and two of them are worth a modest 1 coin on the payline.

What about the symbol values? For five of a kind, the red planet rewards you with 777 coins; for four of kind, the prize is 77 coins; for three of a kind, you win 7 coins and for two of a kind the award is 2 coins. Next up we’ve got the blue planet symbol which, for five of a kind the are worth 577 coins. If you land five of a kind of the green planet across thee reels, then you win 377 coins. The yellow planet symbol is fairly valuable, as well, and five of a kind is worth 277 coins. The orange nova symbol is similarly valuable, with five of a kind netting you a result of 277 coins as well. The green and yellow nova symbols, for five of a kind of each, are worth 177 coins. The final symbol values - remember, all of these are on the pay table once you start up the game - the blue and the purple icons are good for payouts of 77 coins for five of each. Nova 7s Slots is a bonafide pokey for online casino gamers - download and enjoy.