Caesar's Empire Slots

Travel back in time to when the Roman Empire stood tall and ruled over the rest of the world with Caesar’s Empire. This lovely little slot packs in the perks and is a solid contender for the best low-stakes slot game available today. It won’t appeal to everyone, but we have some very compelling reasons for you to test out this slot game. Find out what we’re talking about below, or test the game for yourself. It even comes with a Demo mode so you can try it for free!

This Realtime Gaming Slot Can be Demoed

Realtime Gaming is the creator of this modern slot game and that’s a good thing for a few reasons. The first is because they are very good at allowing players to test their games without spending money. Most of the games, including this one, can be played in Demo mode with a play money balance. That means you can try all the features of the game without any money in your account at all. This isn’t the only benefit of playing an RTG game though. It’s also mobile-friendly. Yes, you can play this game on your smartphone and take it with you everywhere you go. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, it should work for you wherever you happen to be with a solid internet connection.

A Generic but Streamlined Progressive Slot

Caesar’s Empire is themed after the Roman empire unsurprisingly. That means the slot game comes loaded with Roman figures such as coins, the coliseum, sword and shield, bowls of fruits and more. The symbols all fit the theme nicely, but they’re a bit too generic-looking for our tastes. That doesn’t ruin this slot but does keep it from being visually stunning. Aside from the somewhat bland look of this game, it runs smoothly though. It’s a high-variance progressive jackpot slot, which means that players will experience times with huge payouts and others with very little at all. There are just four different buttons below the reels, making this game very simple to play for everyone. We like the simplicity of the game and can recommend it to new gamblers for that reason.

This Game is Good for Low Stakes Players

Let us start by saying this slot has 20 paylines and they can be turned on and off. That’s good news if you’re concerned about adjusting your wager amount precisely, or if you want to try betting bigger on just a few reels for the highest prize potential for your budget. With that said, this slot game isn’t a good option for gamblers that want to bet big, because that’s just not possible to do while playing it. The maximum wager you can make with this game is just $2.00 per spin. That’s not enough for high rollers or even some mid-level players. If you’re a low-stakes gambler that doesn’t mind that upper limit, you can precisely adjust your wager from a low of $0.01 and a high of $2.00 per spin. Adjust that value by turning on and off lines and changing your line wager. This is simple to do while offering you a good level of control over all, and we’re happy with the wagering system in place on this game.

This Game Pays Big Time

No, we aren’t talking about the progressive jackpot payout when we say this game pays nicely, though that $1,000+ payout doesn’t hurt. It’s the actual fixed jackpot payouts that we’re talking about. Cleopatra is the real star of this slot game, but only when you have a bit of help from the Caesar wild. On her own Cleopatra is worth a very respectable 2,500 coins if you manage to get five of her. Add in at least one Caesar wild and things get very interesting though. That prize gets tripled to an excellent 7,500 coins. That’s a huge value that can reward you with up to $1,500 in cash with just a $2.00 wager or a $0.20 line bet. That’s a great return for such a small investment. It’s also quite a bit more than the progressive jackpot. You can also get up to 1,500 coins with the helmet symbol along with Caesar. The scattered coliseum is decent as well and will reward you with up to 100x your total wager or up to $200, though this is one of the smaller prizes. For low stakes gamblers, this game is a solid value.

Wins Get Bigger During the Free Spin Bonus Round

If the standard round prize wins weren’t exciting enough already things get more interesting when you trigger the free spin round. First, let’s start with how to do that. You just need a Caesar symbol anywhere on the reels along with a coliseum symbol on the last reel. Get those two in position and you’ll unlock 10 free spins to start with. During those spins, all prizes are doubled and the coliseum symbols are transformed into Caesar symbols. The Caesar multiplier is still possible and you can get 6x prize payouts with help of the 2x multiplier that’s applied to everything during the free spins. That means you could win up to 15,000 coins with Cleopatra symbols across the reels with help from the Caesar wild and it’s more likely since there will be more wild symbols than ever before during this round. You can unlock additional free spins as well by getting Caesar symbols. Each Caesar adds another 5 free spins to your bonus round.

Our Rating: We Love this Slot

Even though the game only has a single bonus round, we love this slot. It isn’t the most original looking, but it doesn’t look bad either. What makes this game stand out are the high prize payouts, the very valuable bonus round and the powerful wild multiplier. Between those three features, you’ll love your time with this slot game if you’re a low-stakes gambler. We give this slot a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars and we only take points away for poor graphics and low wagering limits. If those things aren’t an issue for you you’ll love the game.

Big Wins are Possible to an Extent

While you won’t win tens of thousands of dollars with this slot game, you can get some very nice wins when you consider how little you’ll have to wager to achieve them. That’s because you can win up to 15,000 coins on a single symbol combination with this game. That’s a huge prize payout and that doesn’t even take into account the random progressive jackpot payout that you could trigger at any time. With two different ways to win big, you’ll have a lot to look forward to as you spin the reels of this slot.

Turn Real Money Play on and Off

Thanks to clever design it’s quick and easy to change from real money wagering to play money wagering. Simply re-load this slot game and choose whether you want to play in Demo mode or not as the game is loading up. That’s all it takes to change from one mode to the other. If you’re getting to know the game in Demo mode and decide you want to start playing for real, you can swap modes in seconds and start betting your bankroll. You can also change back to play mode if you just want to play for entertainment and want to preserve your bankroll.

We really love Caesar’s Empire the online slot game for its prize potential and ease-of-use. It’s a nicely designed slot that gives low-stakes players a lot to look forward to. As long as you don’t mind waiting for the big wins and you can play patiently, and you don’t need to wager more than $2.00 per spin, we recommend this video slot as an option worth trying. It’s a lot of fun and can be pretty rewarding too.