Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Four cats trigger exciting bonus features in Fat Cat Cafe slots. Their hunger pays off by helping remove symbols from the 5x5 grid on this bonus slot game. Enter the cafe, set your sights on the decadent treats, and watch for the wild coffee as the cascading symbols trigger max payouts of up to 3,000x.

Each Cat Has a Unique Quality

Each cat in Fat Cat Cafe has a unique quality. These features boost your payout.

  • Grey Cat – Devours symbols in an entire row
  • Brown Cat – Devours symbols in an entire column
  • Light Gray Cat – Devours symbols in both a column and row
  • Orange Cat – Eats the symbols surrounding him
When this happens, empty spaces are left behind and new symbols fall into the empty spaces. You can keep winning continually if other clusters of matching symbols form. You won't get a payout unless there are at least four matching symbols adjacent to the others vertically or horizontally.

Here's a Peek at the Paytable in Fat Cat Cafe

Payouts are as follows:

  • Sandwiches – 6x to 50x
  • Eclair – 7x to 75x
  • Chocolate cupcake – 8x to 100x
  • White doughnut – 10x to 125x
  • Pink doughnut – 12x to 150x
  • Striped doughnut – 15x to 200x
  • Strawberry and chocolate doughnut – 18x to 300x
  • Pie – 20x to 500x
There's also a cup of coffee. By itself, the coffee has no value. It's value comes from helping create winning combinations. If you have two cups of coffee near two pink doughnuts, the wild coffee cups combine with the pink doughnuts to make a winning combination of four symbols.

How the Doughnut Multiplier Adds to the Prizes

Win extra cash with the doughnut multiplier. Each win leads to a bite taken from the doughnut. As the doughnut disappears, the multiplier increases. You can win as much as 6 times the regular prize with this bonus feature.

Need-to-Know Details About the Game

Here are the basics to know about Fat Cat Cafe slots.

  • Paylines – 20
  • Slot Game Theme – Food/sweets and animals
  • Slot Game Type – 5 reel, Cascading wins
  • Betting Options – 1 penny to $10 for a max bet of $20
  • Slot Game Software – RTG
  • Game RTP – Unknown

Play this cascading slot game online, on your mobile device, or in a free casino download. You'll giggle as the cats meow and devour the treats that are making your mouth water. You'll cheer as your winnings pile up. It's a game you don't want to miss.