Cash Bandits

Cash Bandits Slots
What better template for a game that delivers the goods than a smash-and-grab cash theme? Well, Real Time Gaming has thought of one, and it involves a robbery with you as the central piece of the puzzle. In RTG's Cash Bandit Slots, you get to live out your wildest dreams as a member of society who has “broken bad”, and gone from law-abiding resident to living on the outskirts of the law as a thief. It’s a good old-fashioned cops and robbers slot, and has 25 paylines with many ways to win in store for you.

You can look forward to the presence of two different jackpots in Cash Bandit Slots; the smaller one is worth an adequate $250 and the larger one comes in at $1000. You’ll have loads of fun donning the guise of a bad guy for once – assuming you’re not already one in real life, that is – and slipping past the cops time and time again to make cash grabs. To help you with these, there are 12x multipliers and 90 free games. You can bet anywhere from a single cent to $5 per payline to maximize your earnings.

Now for the juiciest part: the largest possible payout is 30,000 times your starting bet! Whoever said that crime doesn’t pay? One good strategy for a game with so many paylines is to bet on all lines to maximize your chances of winning; but don’t bet the max amount to conserve juice for the later rounds when your chances of landing some free games are higher. Keep the figure low, and hit all the lines – that’s what a real bandit would do, anyway. Revisit the games of your youth with RTGs Cash and Bandit Slots – the major difference here, is you can win tons of loot unlike when you used to play cops and robbers with your pals.