Fucanglong Slots

One look at the name of this Real Time Gaming creation and you're probably like "what the heck is that!?" Not to worry - it isn't a typo; Fucanglong Slots is a 5 reel slot with a whopping 1024 paylines - granting you many opportunities at walking away from this with more cash than you came in with. As for the mystery of the strange name, itself, it refers to the Far East - specifically, a Chinese dragon steeped in ancient lore.

Although Fucanglong was released at the beginning of the year to herald the Chinese New Year; make no mistake about it - it grants wishes in the form of cash and prizes all year long. It is recognized as a sort of "treasure dragon" in Chinese mythology and, hopefully, it grants your wishes for this year and beyond.

Fucanglong is a Detailed Slot

The graphics are utterly top-notch and Grade A. There are animations that flourish on the screen for every notable action, making it seem alive and engrossing you in the visuals. Plus; it's an All Ways Pay slot, which means that when the scatter symbols show up, the order doesn't matter - you win! Just make sure to make full use of the 1024 winning combinations by betting whatever amount you want on each payline.

The primary symbols on this colorful treasure slot are the Dragon Mountain, Treasure Chest, Golden Medallion and Samurai. If you get at least three Dragon Mountains on the reels, then you'll unlock the Dragon Mountain bonus game that further rewards you with eight free games. During gameplay, you may luck out by receiving a multiplier as well as several more free games. To see what Fucanglong Slots has to offer, just download the casino software and fund your account with an initial deposit. You'll get a bonus amount just for doing this, and may be winning cash and prizes using House cash in no time at all.