3 Reasons Why Slots With Five Reels Are Popular To Play

If you are in the mood to play slot games, you’ve got plenty to choose from. For starters, you need to consider the number of reels in play in the game. Will you go for three reels or five? Many people choose five-reel games as their preferred format for a slot. But why is this? There are hundreds of them around, but why do people love these games so much?

You will usually see more paylines in play

There are a few exceptions to the rule, but generally there are more paylines in a five-reel slot as opposed to a three-reel one. If you play a game with just one payline, you’re placing all your hope on that one line. However, with a five-reel game, you’re very likely to get at least 10 paylines to play on – oftentimes many more. That means you get multiple chances to scoop a prize with each spin. It’s quite possible you could get several prizes in a lucky spin. It’s not unusual.

There are different scenarios the developers can go for

Some five-reel slots do away with paylines and go for ways to win instead. For example, you might see 243 ways to win offered as an alternative. You’ll bet as if there were, say, 30 or 40 lines, with that number of coins chosen to bet per spin. However, you get many more winning opportunities for that bet. Some games have cluster pays instead. These involve finding several matching symbols to appear in a cluster next to each other on the screen. This is a fairly new entry to the slot game world, but one that appears to be catching on.

You stand a greater chance of triggering bonuses and free spins

It’s rare to find free games on offer in a three-reel slot, but they crop up frequently in five-reel games. The same applies with bonus features. You do occasionally see them in three-reel games, but they tend to be simple pick-me features when they do pop up. The scope of a five-reel game means you can often look forward to lots of varied bonuses appearing. These will usually occur on another screen and they will take you to locations and scenarios inspired by the theme. You can see there are many reasons to enjoy playing five-reel slots. Why do you enjoy playing them?