Heavenly Treasures Slots

Heavenly Treasures is a pretty simple slot game from Realtime Gaming but also a nice looking game. It’s set over a 5x5 reel and offers countless ways to win with every spin. There are thousands of dollars on the line with each turn that you take with this slot game, and that just serves to make it even more exciting to play. The game was designed to appeal to gamblers at all levels, which means you should be able to get something out of it whether you’re just starting out or looking for the next best game. Keep reading to find out why we like this slot and the things we don’t love about it as well.

Developed for Maximum Entertainment

This game was developed by Realtime Gaming and it was made to be as fun and exciting as possible. The slot company is known for making modern games with thrilling features, and this game is a prime example. You get a huge number of winning opportunities with each turn you take, which means you’re going to be uncovering a boatload of wins with each round that you go through. As if that wasn’t already enough, but the game is easy to play and the symbols are nice to look at as well.

A Simple Video Slot

This game is a clean example of a video slot, but it isn’t cluttered down with too many features or complicated with many different controls and buttons. In fact, wagering only requires you to make a few different decisions to get at the bet amount that you want. The game prizes simplicity and ease-of-use over features and options and that means you can play it fast and easy without spending too much time learning how to make things work.

3,125 Ways to Win Per Spin

We’ve tested a bunch of slot games that offer 1024 ways to win and we always thought those were generous. Heavenly Treasures offers gamblers 3,125 ways to win with every spin. For all those prize-winning opportunities the game only charges players as if they’re wagering on 20 paylines. That’s excellent news and it’s very exciting. With so many ways to win you’ll be uncovering prize payout after payout with this game. If you like slots that pay frequently this one should be at the top of your list.

Choose Your Wager with Care

There aren’t a huge number of different wager amounts that you can choose to go with while playing this slot game. With that said, you do get a respectable range to bet within. On the low end, it will only cost players $0.20 per spin to play this slot. That’s an absolute bargain for having 3,125 different ways to win prize payouts as you play. If that wager amount isn’t exciting enough you have a lot of room to raise the amount to higher levels. Increase the bet up to $100.00 per spin for more excitement and a chance to win a huge amount of cash. You can literally walk away with thousands with a top bet, but you have to have the bankroll to back it up and keep the play session going.

A Nice Range of Prizes

There isn’t a long list of massive jackpot prizes to be won while playing this slot, but that doesn’t make it a poor value at all. Once you consider that there are 3,125 chances to win with every spin, even the smaller prizes can really add up when playing this slot. While only a few prizes are worth more than 1,000 credits, even the small wins can lead to huge payouts with this game, and that’s what you should be thinking about as you play as well.

Unlock More Wins with Heavenly Gems

As you play this game you’re going to collect gems off the reels. These gems really add up over time and help you work your way toward 300 gems total. Get enough of them and you’ll trigger the Heavenly Gems feature. In this simple game, you just choose an option. Whatever you choose will trigger an instant prize payout for you to enjoy. Choose the right option and you’ll walk away with thousands of credits. How’s that for a side bonus?

Unlock Free Games Using Magic Lanterns

You’ve likely heard of magic lamps, but magic lanterns? That’s right, this slot uses lanterns as the scatter symbol and they can lead to pretty frequent prize payouts. Not only do they lead to regular wins, but these symbols add up to unlock the free spin bonus. Getting 600 lanterns triggers the free spin bonus round. In this round, you get 10 free spins with up to a 5x multiplier. This is when the biggest wins occur, and when you can go from a 2,500 top prize payout all the way up to 12,500 credits per win. Get one or more of these wins during the bonus round and it will be well worth your time.

A True Mobile Game

If you’re a mobile gambling enthusiast you’ll be happy to hear that this slot game is designed for play on mobile. You are free to load up the slot on your Android phone, your iPhone or a long list of other compatible devices and play from anywhere you like with good solid internet. That means you have complete freedom to enjoy Heavenly Treasures and that’s just one thing that we enjoy about this slot game.

Play for Fun or to Win

Whether you’re just looking to have a good time, or you want a slot game that you can get rich on, this game is the one. That’s because it’s offered in free play and real play modes both. This is common with Realtime Gaming slots and it’s something that you can use to your advantage. Take some time to get familiar with the game in free play and then move over to wagering for real for a chance to win some real cash. Either way, you can have fun with the slot, and you have more control over how you’re wagering and how much money you’re risking as well.

Win up to 12,500 Per Betway

There are 3125 ways to win prize payouts in Heavenly Treasures with every single spin of the reel. Each of those different ways can payout up to 12,500 coins in prize money if you’re fortunate enough to trigger the most valuable prize payout. That’s a whole lot of cash and it’s something you can definitely get excited about as well. It’s easy to see how you could trigger some stunning prize payouts from this slot game, and many players have in the past. You could win as much as $250,000 in one round of this slot, and that’s enough to get anyone’s attention.

Heavenly Treasures gets a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars from us for its original look, powerful prize potential and frequent payouts. It’s just a lot of fun to play around with and it’s a game most players will enjoy even if they aren’t getting huge wins while they play. Give it a chance to see what all the appeal is about, or just move on to slots with other themes. You aren’t likely to find many other slots with a more exciting design though.