Hillbillies Slots

Where do all the hillbillies go, you ask? This is something that so many others are asking, as well. When it comes to the Hillbillies slots, you want to be the one that is making a change and a difference. This is a big step to take and when it comes to those rednecks, you can be sure that you're cashing out on the big time while having a good time. Pull up that moon shine and let uncle Fred know you're here for the long haul and a great time.

With this video slot machine that has 20 payline and 5 reels, you can be sure that maximize your chances of winning the game in the end. You have the choice to play with these hillbillies or have them run the town with all that is out there. You can make sure to do that with the help of these slots and all that comes with them. Are you ready to try your luck?

The Hillbillies Have Symbols That Help You Cash Out

When it comes to those symbols that help you cash out, you can be sure that you're getting a little bit of everything and more. These are the symbols that will make you laugh since they are all hillbilly themed, of course, so you want to pay attention to them when you line them up and get them to cash you out. The classic card symbols, letters and numbers are all here for you to see, they don't pay out a bunch but they do pay out when lined up right.

They have a man, old man and blonde girl that all count as wild and scatter symbols, so these are the ones you want to watch out for the most. They also have a hound, moonshine, dog, pig and house that come up on the reels when you spin them.

Bonuses, Jackpots and More Hiding Away in the Hills

With the hillbillies, you never know what is going to happen next. This is just what you get when it comes to the rednecks and all that they have to offer with the game. Fear not! They do have a progressive jackpot that you can win. You just have to play more to win more. You can also open up some other special features of the games when you land on three different hillbillies that come around the screen. With each of them there, you can maximize your bet and even get free spins to continue playing and winning with. It is just that easy.

You have many options out there to go with when it comes to playing this fun video slot game. Make sure you're getting all the fun you need and more when you stop on the right combination of symbols and find out what each of them has to provide you with. You can then feel good about the choice that you made to play with the hillbillies in the end. This is always a good thing to think about and something worth checking into when you want to win a lot of hillbilly cash.