Medal Tally Slots

The theme of Medal Tally Slots is the Olympics, specifically, the Summer Olympics. It is a lucrative slot game that is very colorful. The background is that of the track and field stadium. You can see the large crowds in the background, setting up the entire slot game for your enjoyment.

About the Game

Medal Tally is a progressive jackpot slot game. At the top of the slot you will find the Balance, Bet, and Win windows, the Jackpot window in the center and the Help and Auto Play buttons at the bottom. The help button will take you to the all important pay table where you will find all the symbols, payouts, special features, and rules of the game.

Playing the Game

There are two special symbols in this game: The Medals and the Laurel Wreath. The Medals symbol consists of Gold, Bronze, and Silver medals and they substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. They do not substitute for the Laurel Wreath symbol. Get all five Medals and you will win 10,000 coins. The Scatter symbol is the Laurel Wreath, and will trigger the free spins round. The next highest payout is the Runner. Get all five of this symbol to win 5000 coins.

Free Spins Round

If you get all five Laurel Wreath symbols on the reels you will win 20 free games. Get four of the symbol to win 15 free games; and get three of this symbol to win 10 free games. But there’s more to this game.

The Medal Count

As you know, if you’re watching the Olympics on TV, they always give you the Medal count for each country. The same applies to this slot game, but on a higher scale. During the free spins round, all medals that appear during this round will be counted. At the end of the free spins round, the number of medals that appear on the reels (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be totaled and you will receive a multiplier for the total number of medals that appeared during the free spins round. The multiplier will xs your bet as follows:

  • 0-4 Medals – 5xs Bet
  • 5-9 Medals – 8xs Bet
  • 10-14 Medals – 10xs Bet
  • 15-19 Medals – 20xs Bet
  • 20-24 Medals – 30xs Bet
  • 25-29 Medals –50xs Bet
  • 30-34 Medals – 100xs Bet
  • 35-39 Medals –250xs Bet
  • 40-44 Medals – 500xs Bet
  • 45-49 Medals –1,000xs Bet
  • 50 Medals – The Progressive Jackpot will be awarded

Play Medal Tally Slots

This is an ideal slot game with huge payouts, and a special multiplier awarding the total number of medals appearing during the free spins round. This is quite a new application in this slot game. Therefore, we invite you to play Medal Tally Slots at SlotoCash Flash Casino.