Wild Hog Luau Slots

In keeping with the promise that they made several years ago, casino gaming giant Real Time Gaming has recently released a brand new pokey with the 5 reel, 8 payline swine-fest known as Wild Hog Luau Slots. Elaborating a bit more, the promise that RTG made was that they release a new slot every single month for the foreseeable future. Things may have slowed down a bit since the historic COVID-19 calamity, but Real Time Gaming continues to uphold their previous promise - if only by the skin of their teeth for some months.

Wild Luau Slots has 5 reels and 8 paylines of exhilarating graphics on the board. It is not a progressive jackpot; but it makes up for this with some really good symbol combination payouts - which we will tackle a bit later in this review. It has a party theme, which is justified by the silly string and flowing party banners that encircle the pigs on the board. Wild Luau also has some free spins opportunities, as well as multipliers that help you on your march towards the big jackpot. Don't get too distracted by the festooned peripherals; focus on spinning those reels for a chance at the in-game cash and prizes. The latter are only available through download; if you simply wish to play for fun, however - then play Wild Luau Slots in your mobile device browser that supports Flash.

Wild Luau Game Details

The 5 by 3 grid arrangement should be familiar to your eye, if you've played online casino slots for any length of time. The lack of a progressive jackpot should not be a game-changer in any way, given the possibility of a 6800x stake - which can be as much as a whopping $275,000 if you wager the top coin denomination while keeping all the paylines active. To help you along the way, you'll find free spins and multipliers. Exclusive to Wild Luau slots, there are also Lucky Streak re-spins; the betting range starts at 8 cents and goes up in increments to $40 per spin. As you can see, this is both a low-roller and a high-roller pokey!

It is because of the above that, although this slot is available for fun money Flash play, most opt for the download option - this is the option that opens up the possibility of a world of compensation. RTG's Wild Luau Slots is of course a game of chance, so you shouldn't expect any guarantees - but plenty of gamers have won something, and it just might be your turn. Get the Welcome Bonus that's offered for new sign-ups, and use your House cash to spin those reels at a coin denomination that you can handle.

Symbols and Structure

The Return to Player value is a very important metric - along with the similar Hit Frequency - that determines your odds of winning, by tabulating how many people have won at this same slot before, vs how many have lost. So far, we feel confident that Wild Luau Slots is above an RTP of 96%; this means that you will average a win every 3-5 spins. These wins will of course be of varying amounts.

As for the symbols on the reels, it should come as no surprise that there are pigs and hogs in various states of repose. These are the bottom feeders of the farm, which is why you're not supposed to eat the meat - but pig has become a delicatessen in many places in the world. You will also find symbols denoting coconuts and totem poles, as well as the lower-paying symbols from the table game poker.

Wild Hog Luau Symbol Combos and Compensation

Let us see what the symbol combinations pay out, starting with the most valuable character icons. First and foremost, the substitute - also known as the Wild - is represented by the Main Hog. When it shows up during play, it can replace any other symbols in the game - save for the scatter. When it does appear, it helps you complete a winning payline on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. The festooned pig is the first non-bonus symbol and, for five of a kind, it gets you a 388 coin payout. For four of a kind of the festooned pig you win 68 coins, and for three of a kind your reward is 38 coins. The second highest-paying symbol is the flower pif; for five of a kind this one gets you 168 coins; for four of a kind the flower pig is worth 58 coins, and for three of a kind on the reels the flower pig icon gets you a 26 coin result.

The second level of icons - insofar as payout amounts are concerned - begins with pink coral hog; for five of a kind, this one is worth 108 coins; for four of a kind of the pink floral hog icon you win 38 coins, and for three of a kind your reward is 20 coins. The green and purple-clad pig is next, and five of a kind of this gets you 88 coins; for of a kind is worth 28 coins, and three green and purple-clad hog symbols are worth 16 coins. The final character symbol in the game is the box pig; for five of a kind, it is worth 68 coins; for four of a kind the box pig gets you an 18 coin payout, and for three of a kind ou still win 10 coins.

The lowest-paying symbols are from the table game, poker, and they consist of the Ace, King, Queen, Joker, 10 and 9. To activate RTG's Wild Luau Slots, download today and play for real money. Otherwise, enjoy playing it for fun on your Apple iOS or Android-supported mobile device - as well as your Windows PC.