Boy King's Treasure Slots

When it comes to the boy king, then you know who we are talking about. If you want to grab a piece of history and perhaps a piece of this king's treasure then you want to make sure that you're playing as much as you can. This is well worth it in the end to check out and see what is out there. Not only that, but when you do this, you can find out what magic is awaiting you there.

Have fun when it comes to playing on this 5 reel, 20 payline slot machine that has all of the excitement waiting for you with each pull of the lever. You can be sure that you're getting all that you need and so much more since they have the slots, the excitement and everything else. Learn what else awaits you when it comes to playing for a very large treasure, only fit for a king!

The Boy King's Symbols

The boy king is one of those kings out there that has a bit of everything to make use of when it comes to playing on his slots and being able to play for keeps. If you're looking for a great time and some of the most colorful and fun symbols, then you have come to the right place. You can expect to find the symbols glitter, glitz and shimmer for you when it comes to pulling the reel and having the symbols go around.

If you're looking for the boy king and his treasure, then this is the best place to go to find it. Even the biggest symbols glitter and glisten. You can expect to find them hidden with the wilds, the scatters and so much more. Make sure to check out the classic symbols that are there and what you normally see on the playing cards. Since this is an older game, it is still a classic that is fun to play.

Does the Boy King Offer Bonuses?

When it comes to grabbing those bonuses, you want to know if you're going to strike it rich, don't you? Unfortunately, there is only one bonus round that is given with this slot machine. You can make use of the free spins bonus round by gathering 3 or more of the scatters in the rows. Once you line these up, you then get a mix of how many free spins they choose to give you. It is a random number, so you want to make sure that you spin well on the bonus feature to get as many as you possibly can when you line up the symbols just right. Just remember the boy king or the wild symbol is what is going to give you the biggest payout and the most free spins.

Be sure to get all that you can and want out of this game. It invites everyone to come out and try it. While it is not one of the fancier versions and the graphics are not all that exciting, it is still a laid back, fun game that you can play when trying to win a little extra cash and there is a random jackpot that can be won when you spin and play. The more you spin, the more you play, the more chances you have to win.