3 Reasons Why Julius Caesar Is A Popular Slot Game Character

If you had to name a ruler of ancient Rome, there is a strong chance the name Julius Caesar would soon pop into your mind. We wonder whether Caesar would be so well-known today if he hadn’t died the way he did. Regardless, he has proven his worth as a popular character to include in lots of online slot games. Let’s see why that is the case. If you are thinking of playing a slot game featuring this man, you’re about to find out why.

He is the most famous Roman ruler in history

We’ve covered this already, but we doubt anyone could name too many other Roman rulers. Gaius Julius Caesar, to give him his full name, is not the only man with Caesar as part of his name. However, whenever anyone mentions Caesar today, we all know the person they are referring to. His life and death are in part why we are fascinated with his story.

He met a sticky end

Assassination was a common reason why Roman rulers met their end in ancient times. However, no death is more famous than Caesar’s. He died on the Ides of March, 44 BC, and no one can be sure who dealt the fatal blow. You won’t find much gore in the slot games based around Caesar though. Instead, the games tend to focus on his time in power, and on the various symbols you might associate with Rome. Think of the Coliseum for example, and of various other iconic locations we can still see today.

A slot based in ancient Rome wouldn’t be complete without him

In much the same way you can’t imagine an ancient Egyptian slot without spotting the pyramids – or Cleopatra, for that matter – it’s hard to imagine an ancient Rome slot without the great Caesar. In fact, we’ll challenge you to find a slot game based in this period in history that doesn’t feature him in one way or another. We’ve seen a game with a gold coin featuring an image of Caesar on it. He can also be useful to you, appearing as a wild or having some other purpose to being there. As such, Julius Caesar could be a handy person to meet when you are playing online slots based in ancient Rome. We wonder what he might think of appearing in this way today?