Mayan History RTG Slots

Slotocash Mobile Casino is official when it comes to producing top slots that embrace the ancient cultures of long-dead civilizations; in their growing library of both Flash and real money video slots, you can find themes ranging from Ancient Egypt, to the Central American Aztecs and Mayans and even Incas. In fact, the focus of this comprehensive review on what you can plan to find inside will be the mystical Central American civilizations that disappeared from the plains of the Western Hemisphere. This review will cover the great gods of old, all of which are simply different manifestations of the original triumvirate who first transgressed against the One True God - Cush, Semiramis and Nimrod. They took on Central American language names, and are so known today by their native tongue.

Mayan Queen Slots

Mayan Queen Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline RTG video slot that introduces you to the intrigue of the ancient Aztecs. There denizens of the forest are in full relief on the game board, and glorious to behold. You'll find symbols indicative of all aspects of Aztec culture, including a golden coral snake, an earthen urn, a jaguar, pyramid, jade dagger with golden hilt, elaborate bracelet, bag of gold treasures and a picture of Montezuma. Of course the Mayan Queen, herself, is well represented as one of the bonus symbols. It is the bag of gold and jewels, however, that holds the title of highest paying regular icon with a jaw dropping 1000 coin payout for five of a kind.

Next up we've got the jaguar Big Cat, which is a special bonus symbol that unleashes 2500 gold coins for five of a kind on the reels in the real money game. If you want to hit the game jackpot, then you will need the Mayan temple symbol to dominate the reels: this award is a life-changing 15,000 coins for five of a kind. Mayan Queen Slots is really beautifully detailed, and as the substitute symbol, the Queen can replace any other symbol except for the Emerald scatter. The scatter, on the other hand, can pay out for two of a kind, as well as unlock the ability to gather up free spins so as to prolong your gameplay. Any winning combos enjoy the doubling feature that the Wild symbol brings. Download Mayan Queen Slots from Real Time Gaming today!

Spirit of the Inca Slots

Spirit of the Inca is a Real Time Gaming Video Slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines that visits the old Central American uber-tribe, the Inca. Like all peoples, they had their own pagan religion which ultimately led to their demise, but many of the cool aspects of their civilization have been inscribed in this RTG creation. Among its many attributes, Spirit of the Inca Slots has expanding wild symbols that replace any non-scatter symbol to help you complete a winning payline, as well as a handful of awesome Boiling Point Random Progressive Jackpots that have the potential to really fill up your pockets if get very lucky and play for real cash. You can wager between 50 cents and $5 for every single game - no matter how many of them you play.

As for the Progressives, they are only activated if you play the max bet at the start of the game. The wild symbol is the Inca Spirit, and he can even replace the Priestess symbol this time around (this is usually not the case in video slots). It's possible to win up to 2000 coins for five of a kind of this one. As for the Scattered Priestess, you can coral as little as 3x your bet, or as much as 100x your bet when 3-5 of her dominate the reels. As for the other high value symbols, the Incan pyramid grants you 600 coins for five of a kind, and the jade leopard symbols grants you 600 coins for five of a kind on the reels. The gold snake bracelet is worth 300 coins for five of a kind, and the sacred scroll nets you a cool 200 coins for five of a kind. The final paying symbols begin with a satchel of gold and a dream catcher emblem; either one is worth 150 coins for five of a kind. The clay jug and the feathered stone dagger are worth 125 coins for five of a kind, and the purple lotus flower and bracelet net you 100 coins for five on the lines.

Aztec's Millions Slots

Aztec's Millions Slots is another RTG imprint coming straight to you from the 5 reel video slot realm. With 25 paylines, it measures as a very good sized slot and offers a bunch of different ways to win using the symbols arrangements on the pay table. If you game for fun money, then this table does not really concern you; but if you're in it to win it, then pay close attention to the values to come. You will see rather quickly that Aztec's Millions is an improved version of the old favorite, Aztec's Treasures Slots, which will also be reviewed for its nostalgic value, and the fact that the latter is still a hit in online casinos. In the present version, there's an extra bonus game slated to set it apart. And now for the big information: the progressive jackpot is valued at an impossible $1 million! Of course, given that people win this regularly, it is not truly impossible at all - but you've got to download the casino software and make a deposit to have a shot at it.

In veneration of the mother goddess, which is of course an apostasy, the Aztec Princess is the highest paying symbol. On a historical note, this is almost certainly the primary that their civilization finally fell after a two century run, during which they reached heights unchallenged. The only symbol that outdoes it is the special bonus symbol represented by the game logo. The Scatter symbol is a graven image of Montezuma, and any wins in which it is involved are multiplied by the total bet made at the start. To hit the jackpot, you need the Aztec's Millions game logo to completely fill the reels - then you become a millionaire if you played all 25 paylines at the highest coin denomination. In closing, the other paying symbols to watch out for include the leopard, headdress, golden emblems and poker card suits. Download Aztec's Millions Slots tonight.

Aztec's Treasures Slots

Aztec's Treasures is another of one of the top slots from Real Time Gaming. It is related to Aztec's Millions, and has many of the same elements running through it that places it in the Mayan Slots category. For starters, it is a good sized slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines, with the possibility of a $20 bet on the real money game leading you to a considerable $5,000 win. This jackpot requires the appearance of 5 Aztec Queen symbols simultaneously, lined up on the reels from the left to the right direction. The Aztec Graven Image symbol is another special icon, and three of a kind here gives you a Scatter payout of triple your starting wager. If you get four of a kind of the Scatter symbol instead, then this jumps to 15 times your bet; the trend explodes if you get 5 Scattered Graven Image symbols on the reels - try an amazing 100 times your starting bet!

In addition to the awesome multipliers, the Scattered Graven Images icon can also unleash a torrent of free spins on your for a multitude of extra chances at the game. This is, of course, an especially useful ability in the real money version. For three Graven Image symbols you obtain 5 free spins; for four such icons the prize is 15 free spins, and for a full house of five Graven Image symbols, you get 25 free spins with which to play on the House dime well into the night. The most money you can bet is $5 per line, which equals $20 for an entire game; the highest possible prize in Aztec's Treasure Slots is then $15,000. Another jackpot is random and can manifest itself at the conclusion of any regular game - likely, much to the delight of the real money gamer. To see all of the symbol values in Aztec's Treasures Slots, navigate to the website and check out the paytable in the Instant Play mode.