Ancient Rome Slot

The great thing about playing online slot games is that you can go back to many different periods in history. Do battle with the dinosaurs, explore ancient Egypt, or see what life was like in Aztec times.

Ancient Rome is a good bet for a place to visit too, and it has proven to be a very popular choice as a setting for online slot games. If you do see these games online, chances are the following symbols might well pop up as you play.


Ancient Rome was a time when gladiatorial contests were often fought to the death. For software developers looking to create a slot with some drama involved, there is no better theme to choose than this. Many of them have included gladiators on the reels, with some based around that very theme. There is even one based on the movie Gladiator, so if you saw that, you might want to check out the slot too.

The Colosseum

This is arguably one of the most famous buildings in Rome. If you visit it today, you can imagine what life would have been like for those doing battle within its walls. While the building had other, less dramatic uses during the remainder of its active life, and is a tourist attraction today, it certainly does well as a scene of drama in slot games today.

Julius Caesar

We have written before about how Caesar makes an ideal character to include in slot games. He also often appears in games based in ancient Rome, since he was one of the most famous rulers during that era. He is often put to work as a substitute icon but might occasionally appear as a scatter instead. Sometimes, you will not see him in person, but his head might appear on a coin used as one of the more important symbols in a game.

Some software developers include standard symbols alongside those that are related to the theme. The best example is of the A, Q, and J symbols we often see in slots. But the best games are those that include a good array of relevant symbols, so there is nothing that detracts from the theme itself.

What have you found while playing slots based in ancient Rome, and how did those icons manage to steer you towards some prizes?