Greek Gods

Some themes have long been popular as a choice for basing a slot game around. The Greek Gods often appear in online slots, arguably becoming one of the most popular mythological groups of characters around. You can never quite tell what you can expect in these games. However, there are some symbols you might see more often than others.

Symbols featuring the Gods themselves

Apollo, Ares, Zeus… these have all appeared in slot games over the years. Some games are based around just one God, i.e. Zeus and its sequels. Others are based on more than one character. The best example of this is the Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters slot. This is based on the three Fates, the women who create and manage the threads of life. They were not Gods as such but are closely connected with them. Oftentimes, you’ll spot special features connected to the main characters. They might be used as wilds, scatters, or bonus symbols, for instance.

Mount Olympus

This is where the Gods supposedly lived. Mount Olympus does exist – you can hike up there if you so desire! It ranks as the highest mountain in Greece, which makes sense if you believe in the Gods, since they would live at the highest point available to them. It is quite usual to see the image of Mount Olympus in a slot game, particularly in use as a special symbol.

Symbols relating to the areas the Gods ruled over

You might know Zeus as the King of the Gods. He is often shown holding a bolt of lightning, and often appears in slot games with that special feature included. Poseidon is the God of the Seas and holds a trident. Again, the trident often crops up in games featuring Poseidon. The special elements associated with each God can trigger bonus features or other things, such as free spins. So, you might learn some Greek mythology as you play! There is little doubt the ancient Greek Gods are among the best fictitious Gods you will ever see in a slot game. While some slots feature several of them to good effect, the ones featuring a solo God are just as good and entertaining. If you like playing dramatic slot games, you cannot do any better than to find ones featuring the mighty Greek Gods.