Halloween RTG Slots

With a Halloween theme, those slot games can be considered interactive as you are asked to collect the treats to create a heft payout.

Count Spectacular Slots

Halloween and similar holidays always seem to bring ut the best in the top casino software makers - perhaps it's because of the extra investment of time that so many online casino gamers put into making sure that thy come to enjoy the respite from the travails of life. Count Spectacular Slots is very much in this spirit, with 5 reels and 25 paylines of riveting play on a gameboard that really takes graphics seriously. But the former is primarily for Instant Play aficionados; if you're interested in trying your hand for real cash, just download the casino software and you ill be privy to the 10,000 coin jackpot - it's a game of chance, however, so play responsibly, and only bet as much as you're willing to lose.

Count Spectacular Slots has a lot of special attributes; chief among these are the Wild and the Scatter symbols and their respective abilities. The Wild symbol is the titular character, Count Spectacular, and he can substitute for any other symbol - even the Scatter, which is actually pretty rare since the scatter symbol cannot usually be replaced by a Wild. For a line up of 5 Count Spectacular icons, you can win a whopping 10,000 coin jackpot! The wagering amounts range from 25 cents to $25 per game in this one, and the afore-mentioned jackpot is of the non-progressive variety. The scatter symbol is the Haunted Castle, in case you were wondering, and it can only be replaced by the Wild once per spin. The special attribute that it possesses is to unleash 12 free spins, as well as the more involved 12 free games, if you manage to get at least 3 on the line. There are respin opportunities that go along with each offer, as well.

The Count Spectacular Feature game is present; use the Scatters to unlock it. As if the 10,000 coin regular jackpot isn't enough, there's also a progressive jackpot - in fact, there are two: the Minor progressive jackpot and the major progressive jackpot. The former usually caps at about $1000, and the latter is generally capped at $10,000 or so. Although you needn't play for real money, Count Spectacular Slots has a lot of surprises in store for the real cash gamer, so it might be worth throwing a few shekels towards the game - but only if you can gamble responsibly. Download today.

Ghost Ship Slots

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Ghost Ship Slots has a slew of attractive attributes for the real money casino gamer. Among these are the free spins courtesy of the games scatter symbols, the wild symbols that substitute to help complete winning paylines, and more. The two primary special symbols are pretty darn valuable, too: the Wild is represented by the Ghost Captain, and for five of a kind on the reels, he gets you a 2500 coin payout. For four of a kind of the Ghost Captain, he gets you 500 coins; for three of a kind, he gets you payout of 200 coins, and for two of a kind, he's worth a measly 10 coin payout - but this could be a considerable sum if you wagered the highest coin denomination on the paylines.

The Ghost Captain can substitute for almost any other symbol - except for the scattered Ghost Ship. For five of a kind of the Ghost Ship, you win 100 coins; for four of a kind you get a 10 coins reward, and for two of a kind the prize is 2 coins. All wins in which the scattered Ghost Ship is involved are multiplied by your total wager. Additionally, although all of the other symbols pay in only the left to the right direction, the Scatter pays any which way for increased win and payout percentages.

The other symbols on the reels of Ghost Ship Slots includes a treasure chest, a cannon, a tolling bell, a jade mermaid statue and the poker suits 9, 10, Joker, Queen, King and Ace. The bell is the most lucrative of the normal symbols, and for five of a kind, you get 1250 coins as a payout. For four of a kind, you win 250 coins. The treasure chest of gold, for five of a kind on the reels, gets you a 1000 coin payout, and for four of a kind, you receive a 100 coin award. The iron cannon, for five of a kind, is worth 500 coins and for four of a kind is worth 50 coins. The jade mermaid symbol, for five of a kind, is worth 250 coins and for four of a kind gets you 40 coins. Download to play for a shot at cash and prizes, or, if you simply want to play Ghost Ship Slots for free, hit the Flash button on the website landing page.

I, Zombie Slots

Ghouls, ghasts and ghosts are the stuff of nightmares; perhaps it is a sadomasochistic streak in humans that causes us to gravitate towards such things in the games and movies we play and watch. Real Time Gaming seeks to capitalize on this tendency with their riveting video slot, I, Zombie Slots. With 5 reels and the standard 25 paylines, this spectacular display of multicolored hues and cinematic views truly captures the imagination. You will definitely enjoy this even in free play mode using the Instant Play option; but of course, paid play using the download now option allows you to boost the anticipation with the availability of cash and prizes to the lucky player.

The symbols on the reels of I, Zombie Slots include Wizards, Rogue Warrior Goddesses, Ghouls and a Tolling Golden Bell - as well as, of course, some of the poker symbols. Let's start things off, however, with the most valuable and powerful Wild and Scatter icons. The Wild is the I, Zombie Substitute symbol and she can replace - with her dead green skin and all - any other symbol on the reels except for the Scattered Mirror. For five of a kind, the Wild symbol is worth 2500 coins; for four of a kind, the Wild I, Zombie symbol gets you 500 coins; for three of a kind she nets a solid 200 coins, and for two of a kind she gets you 10 coins as a payout on the paylines. The Scattered Mirror icon gets you 500 coins for five of a kind; four of a kind is worth a a payout of 10 coins and three of a kind gets you 2 coins.

As for the non-special symbols, we begin with the Wizard; for five of a kind, he gets you 1250 coins. For four Wizard symbols on the reels, he's worth 250 coins; for three of a kind, he gets you 100 coins and for two of a kind, he gets you a payout of 5 coins. The next symbol is the Warrior Goddess; for five of a kind the payout is 100 coins; for three of a kind the payout is 20 coins and for two of a kind you win 3 coins. Now we have the ghastly ghoul symbol; for five of a kind het's worth a payout of 500 coins on the paylines; for four of a kind the ghouls gets you 50 coins; for three of a kind he's worth 15 coins and for two of a kind he gets you 2 coins. Lastly for the non-poker symbols we have the Golden Toll Bell; for five of a kind, it is worth 250 coins; for four of a kind you get 40 coins; for three of a kind the prize is 10 coins and for 2 of a kind you win 2 coins.

Witch's Brew Slots

One of the seminal works of the Real Time Gaming software providers for the Halloween holiday (although you don't get any time off for it, so perhaps calling it a holiday is a bit of a stretch), Witch's Brew Slots lives up to its billing as a magic-fueled roller coaster ride of awesome graphics and elite gameplay, with an eye-catching theme steadily flourishing in the background. With 5 reels and 25 payines, there are plenty of ways to win to justify playing this one for a shot at the real money inside - but remember; Instant Play is also a viable option if you just want to spin without risking any money.

For the real money gamers on Witch's Brew Slots, you can bet 25 cents per spin, in increments, up to the maximum $6.25 per spin. It's a modest sum, so high rollers might pan this for that reason alone - but then, of course, they would miss out on the riveting gameplay and graphics. The Wild symbol in the game acts as a substitution symbol, and is represented by the magical witch, herself. She is actually a 2x Wild that can endow some multiplier properties on to the gameboard, as well. It cannot, however, replace the scatter symbol

As for the other symbols in the game, the mandrake root is the highest paying one of them all; for five of a kind, you get 2500 coins. This value is doubled to 5000 coins if the Wild Witch shows up to replace a symbol. Next up is Mage (male wizard, basically); for five of a kind, he delivers a payout of 1000 coins. The next regular symbol that pays out handsomely is the black cat; as an avatar of the witch, this icon delivers a payout of 500 coins. The toad creature, for five of a kind, gets you 200 coins; five of a kind of the burning candle is worth 150 coins. The final symbols are all worth the same - the eyeball, spell books, grinder all get you 125 coins for five of a kind on the reels.

As for the special in game features, there's the Goblin Blood feature that can reward you with 10, 25 or even 125 free spins to keep you playing through the night and trying to beat the odds to bolster your bank account. The next feature of note in the game is the Wild Brew feature. which is capable of delivering 10 re-spins and other goodies. Download Witch's Brew Slots today and see what the gods of luck hold in store for you in this game of chance and risk.

Witches and Wizards Slots

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Witches and Wizards Slots is the perfect Halloween themed pokey with just the right dollop of magical elements to keep you coming back for more. The graphics are truly impressive, after the fashion of these new slots that are coming onto the screen and taking advantage of the lightning fast processing speed of the mobile graphics units. The maximum amount you can bet on the reels per game is a good sized $125, and the proper appearance of the scatter symbols unlatches up to 10 free spins for you. Remember; as with all RTG (Real Time Gaming) 5 reel video slots, you can also simply play using fun money.

What are the symbols? Well, hold on to your witches hat for the mage truly delivers here. You will see a black cauldron of potion soup, a magical wand, a wizard mage, a magical tome and the witch herself on the reels. Bringing up the rear are the poker card jackets 9, 10, Joker, Queen and King. Although Autoplay is available, why would you want to miss the excitement of trying your luck by spinning the reels yourself? But if you like to multitask, this option is a godsend.

As for the very important values, check the in-game pay table for the direct information and as a reference. The black cauldron, for five of a kind, is worth 4000 coins; for four of a kind delivers a payout of 2000 coins; for three of a kind gets you 500 coins. Next up is the wizard mage symbol; for five of a kind he is worth 2000 coins; for four of a kind he unleashes a payout of 1000 coins; for three of a kind he gets you 100 coins and for two of a kind he's worth just 2 coins. The warrior blonde woman, for five of a kind, equals a 1000 coin payout; for four or a kind gets you 500 coins, and for three of a kind gets you 50 coins. The final batch of symbols begins with the open magic book; five of a kind is worth 500 coins; four of a kind gets you 250 coins and three of a kind is worth a payout of 25 coin. The skull and bones symbol, for five of a kind, gets you 250 coins; for four of a kind gets you 150 coins and for three of a kind is worth 15 coins.

Ratcheting up your excitement for Witches and Wizards Slot is the Free Spins Feature, which is magical in and of itself. All it takes is the appearance of triple wand icons to release 10 free spins for your use. The accompanying animation is great; the witch casts a magic spell using animated fairy dust to make the substitute symbol explode. It's even possible to obtain an 8x multiplier once this happens! Wins as high as 9000 coins have been reported; but it all depends on how much you were willing to wager at the line before the game. Download and enjoy if you're a real money player; keep in mind that Witches and Wizards Slots can also be played in the fun money mode.

Wild Wizards Slots

Magic is in the air once again, like it was in the time of Merlin and Morgana Le Fay of King Arthur's Court. The seminal wizard and his battles with the seminal witch are the tales of history write large, and Real Time Gaming has created the Wild Wizards video slot to commemorate it. Sporting 5 reels and 25 paylines, this free to play pokey also has a real money option that accepts a coin range between $0.01 and $5. This means that for an entire single game, you can bet as small an amount as $5, or as large an amount as $125. As such, it qualifies as a high-roller slot as much as it qualifies as a every-man slot.

The Substitute symbol is represented by the mighty Mage or Wizard icon, which expands to cover the reels once the relevant combinations are struck. In addition to the possible winning combinations, Wild Wizards Slots also has a handful of bonus features. The Scatter symbol is represented by the Book of Magic Spells and is a boon to the gamer. If you manage to land three of them, then the prizes begin rolling forth. For examples, two, 15 and 50 times whatever you wagered could be potential payouts for the appearance of multiple Book of Magic Spells scatters simultaneously.

As for the symbols on the reels, the most valuable non-special bonus is the Reading Owl. for five of a kind, this one gets you a payout of 750 coins. For four of a kind, the Reading Owl is worth 200 coins; for three of a kind, you win 30 coins and for two of a kind you get just 5 coins. Right next to this valuable icon is the Wizard's Tower symbol; for five of a kind, you win 500 coins; for four of a kind you get 150 coins; for three Wizard's Towers you win 25 coins and for two of a kind your prize is 3 coins. At last, the following two symbols are worthy and after these - the poker card jackets. The Red Mage's Cap is, for five of a kind, worth 300 coins. For four of a kind, the Red Mage's Cap gets you 100 coins, for three of a kind you win 15 coins and for two of a kind you get 2 coins. The final one is the Triple Potion symbol; for five of a kind, you win 200 coins; for four of a kind, you get 50 coins; for three of a kind the payout is 10 coins and for two of a kind you win 2 coins.

Finally, we get to arguably the most exciting part of the game: the bonus features. Wild Wizard's Slots has a multitude of them. The Mad Magic feature is the first, and it has the potential to ply you with up to 5 free spins. During the games played with these spins, you can use any winning combos that appear to increase your wagering win by a factor of either five, 50 or an amazing 500! Next up we've got the Wizard's Tower feature, which is also known as the Mage's Tower feature. You can receive up to 8 free spins with this one, which is even more beneficially subject to being retriggered. The Fireball Feature is capable of delivering up to 6 free games, with the Wild symbol featuring strongly in the results. The final special feature is the Sorcery Feature - you start out with 10 Free Spins in this one, and it can increase from there. Download and enjoy Wild Wizard's Slots at your earliest convenience.

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders I

With the huge and ongoing success of a program such as The Walking Dead, a video slot such as Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots was bound to catapult itself to the front of the public consciousness. Pairing together two of the public's favorite things - cheerleaders take the top spot, obviously - was a masterstroke by none other than casino games maker, Real Time Gaming (also known as RTG). The head-munching zombies are headed straight for the bleachers, and it's up to the mythical girl power to stop them using their athleticism and feminie wiles. These cheerleaders certainly pack a punch and are a force to be reckoned with.

This 5 reel, 25 payline pokey has a lot to unpack; first off, there is a variety of zombie caricatures with which to become familiar. Luckily, the in game paytable gives a full expansion of the symbol values. One thing to note: most 5 reel video slots pay in only the right to left direction when the relevant symbols appear; Zombies vs. Cheerleaders is one of the rare all ways pay slots that rewards you no matter what direction the symbols show up in. The Substitute symbol in this game is the bloody battle axe weapon; it can replace nearly any other symbol to help you complete a winning payline. The Zombies vs Cheerleaders game logo symbol is the scatter, and it cannot be replace by the substituting Wild.

The Scatter does have a host of abilities, however; chief among these is the ability to help the player tally up the free spins. These provide you with more opportunities to win if you're playing for real money. Note that you do not HAVE to play for real cash here; simply use the Flash version accessible through the Instant Play button. For you real cash gamers, however, hitting at least three Scattered game logos gets you 6 extra games. The more you get lined up, the more free spins you win. When this occurs, a single cheerleader logo will switch to Wild properties on the 1st and the 2nd reels, and the zombie logo symbols will turn Wild on the 4th and 5th reels. If you prefer a laid-back style of play, then use the AutoPlay option available at the bottom of the screen.

Before we leave you, consider the top-paying symbols for reference to just how much Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots has to offer: the first of these is brunette cheerleader; for five of a kind, she delivers 500 coins. The bloody battle axe, for five of a kind, nets you 1000 coins. The game logo is worth just 50 coins for five of a kind; but remember that it hosts a bevy of free spins for the lucky player who can unlock it. The blonde cheerleader, for five of a kind, gets you 375 coins; the zombie is worth 250 coins for five of a kind. The football player who got bitten and turned into a zombie nonetheless pays out 250 coins for five of a kind, and the remaining low-paying symbols are from the table game poker. Download and enjoy to have access to everything this game of chance and perseverance has to offer.

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders was such a great game the first time around that RTG (Real Time Gaming) decided to ramp up production and make a new one - Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II. The thrill involved is as raw as it gets, so be prepared to employ the cheerleaders who are armed to the teeth once again, and take down the armada of zombies with extreme prejudice. The second installment is jam-packed with extra features and more opportunities than ever before. These zombies are super-hungry this time around, and it's going to take all the luck you can muster to deal with them favorably and get your hands on the cash and prizes that the real money version offers.

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II has the same 5 reels and 25 paylines that are offered by the first version, so there are just as many chances to win as in the previous. In fact, this version has a unique Cheerleaders Escape Feature that allows you to possibly fill your coffers up even more; as a game of chance, it mostly depends on how frequently you play and if luck swings your way. If you want to skip all that, then just play the Flash version for free - it doesn't require a download, nor does it require you to make a deposit.

The symbols on the reels consist of a brown haired cheerleader fighting maniacally, as well as a green zombie with a severed arm in his mouth, along with an eyeless green zombie, baseball cap wearing green zombie and others. As usual, the lowest paying symbols are the ones from the table game, poker. You'll find 9, 10, Joker, Ace, King and Queen wrought together in batches that denote their monetary value. Reference the pay table for exact numbers. There's a random jackpot that can total in the thousands of dollars, which is of course of interest only to real money players. If you prefer a laid back style of gaming, then simply hit the AutoPlay button once you make a deposit and get some of that in-house cash with which to begin gaming.

And finally, we get to the symbol values. They are much the same as in the first installment of this brilliant and popular slot, but the small differences are important and are as such denoted: the highest paying symbol is the blonde cheerleader; for five of a kind she is worth a payout of 1000 coins; for two of a kind, 500 coins and for three of a kind she delivers 50 coins. The brown haired cheerleader is next; five of a kind of her gets you the same amount as the first symbol. The final two symbols comprise the green zombie and the baseball cap wearing zombie; for five of a kind of either, you get 750 coins. For four of a kind, you win 100 coins and for three of a kind, the reward is 15 coins.