Golden Glove Slots

When it comes to the Golden Glove slots, they want to make sure that everyone has what it takes to make it as far as they need to make it. This is a big game that you have to play and with that being said, you need to put your all into pulling the lever and getting the winning combination that follows. If you're looking for one of the biggest jackpots, then this is where you're going to go to get it.

With the Golden Glove, you can be sure to get the winnings you demand with this 5 reel, 20 payline game. You can mix and match those winnings and make sure to cash out on the biggest jackpots that you're able to find out there. Never have to worry about the Golden Glove and what comes next when you're the one playing for keeps.

Golden Symbols to Keep You Happy

When it comes to those golden symbols, you need to know what to expect when the time comes. This means being able to take the next step with one foot in front of the other. Take note of all the symbols to expect when it comes to pulling the lever and making sure you're cashing out on what comes next on the reels. There is a wild on the reels and it can replace any of the scatters, but it only shows up on the middle reel which is a bit different from the other slots out there.

The symbols are all baseball themed, so you can be sure that you're getting the right theme that you love if you're a big baseball fan. The girls, the stands, the popcorn and hot dogs, as well as the players and balls are all shown in the symbols that come around on the screen.

Playing for Bonuses and Extras

When you want just another inning, they deliver it to you with the use of a bonus game that can be opened. This is the Grand Slam Bonus feature and when you grab one wild and a couple of scatters, this is what opens it up. You then get more out of the winnings that you land on, as well as free spins to earn the winnings on. With these bonuses welcoming you to them, it is definitely a place you want to go to see if you can open the bonus features again.

If you're ready to get in the game, then now is your chance to do so. With the help that is being given here, you can be sure that you're getting a bit of everything that you want and need when the time comes. They're able to provide you with the right amount of help in the right amount of time. You are in charge of everything and more when you're the one throwing the ball and calling the shots.