Magic RTG Slots

Magic is in the air at Real Time Gaming, as this highly regarded online gaming casino continues to churn out ethereal video slots steeped in the ancient arts. Video slots with a magic theme are mong the most popular games around, because of their penchant for incorporating extremely visual graphics into the varied and engaging gameplay. Slots such as Enchanted Garden Slots, its sequels, and its cousins continue to see droves of traffic even years after their inception, due to the updated specs and generous payouts. Aladdin’s Wishes and the Bubble Bubble Slots dou are worth a spin or two, as well. The symbols on the reels often have an added dimension, and can come alive with colors and animations as suits the particular designer. RTG has quite a few of these options from which to choose; we have listed some of the more popular ones below - complete with summaries of what to expect. Enjoy!

Enchanted Garden Slots

With 5 reels and 20 paylines, Enchanted Garden is a wonderful descent into a place of perpetual springtime happiness and cheer. And the best part? If you download the casino software, you get to play it for a chance at some real cash prizes. The graphics are absolutely top-notch, with verdant green hues dominating the background, and nifty little symbol representations in the foreground on the game board. Built by the master craftsmen at Real Time Gaming, there’s a lot to like about Enchanted Garden Slots; pay attention to the fairy and all the goods that she can deliver. There are also unicorns and precious gems that adorn the scenery, making for a grand sight during some heated gameplay.

As the first in a series of two; you will definitely be playing the second installment of Enchanted Garden Slots if the first appeals to you even a little bit - after all, it’s not just more of the same; it’s update in every way. Familiarize yourself first with the magical world on display here before moving on.

As for the game details and special symbols,the Lush Garden symbol is the scatter and it has the ability to deliver a host of free spins to the gamer. The Fairy is the substitute symbol and can replace any other symbols except for the Scatter. One of the best things that can happen to you in the real money version of Enchanted Garden slots is to unlock the free spins bonus round for more opportunities to play. Another very important and potentially lucrative symbol is of the firefly, which, when it appears in threes, can add an even greater allotment of free spins to your existing tally. And best of all, this one has a progressive jackpot waiting in the wings. Hit the Instant Play button to enjoy for free; or, download the casino software and play the first version of a possible two of the 5 reel Enchanted Gardens video slot.

Aladdin’s Wishes Slots

With 5 reels and 20 paylines, Aladdin's Wishes Slots is a Real Time Gaming creation that will regale you with graphics and a great story as old as time, itself. It’s one of love, pomp and circumstance between the eponymous young prince and the object of his desire, Princess Jasmine. There’s a random jackpot that can really change your future in terms of financial viability, as well as bonus symbols and bonus games. The Genie is the wild symbols and it replaces almost every other symbols in the game to help the player complete a winning payline for the resulting payout. Additionally, all of the wins are doubled when the Genie shows up on the reels.

Clearly, Real Time Gaming is a champion of diversity in their offerings, and Aladdin’s Wishes Slots catapults them to the forefront in terms of magic-themed slots on offer in the online casino gaming space. Don’t worry about memorizing any symbol values in this short blog; they are investigated more in-depth on the pay table in the game, itself.

As for the one symbol that the Genie cannot replace, it’s the Magical Lamp Scatter symbol, which can also activate the feature game if three or more of them appear on the reels. As for the other symbols that pay out handsomely under certain conditions, we start with the highest of these: Princess Jasmine. For five of a kind on the game board, she delivers a payout of 500 coins - which jumps up to 1000 coins when the Wild Prince Aladdin appears. The Green Genie symbol is worth 1000 coins for five of a kind, too. The Monkey and the Palace symbols are separately worth 500 coins for five on the reels, and the Magic Flying Carpet symbol and the Sickle symbol are good for 250 coins for five of a kind on the reels. Aladdin’s Wishes Slots is here just waiting for new gamers to experience the wonders it can provide; download today and play!

Bubble Bubble Slots

With 5 reels and 50 paylines, this RTG slot is one of the most famous ever made, judging by the number of plays it consistently receives in the various online casinos that carry Real Time Gaming software. The primary character is an avowed avatar of Apollyon; but without its usual deleterious comportment. Winni the Witch is all fun and games in this pokey, and functions as the substituting Wild symbol here. Her main attribute is to enhance payouts, and help the gamer complete a winning payline. If you choose to put some real cash up, then the lowest coin denomination is $0.01 and the highest per line is $0.25. In a spectacular display, Winni covers up the entire center reel when she appears in winning fashion - there’s a triple multiplier at stake when this happens.

Some of the other values that you might find enticing are the Bullfrog; for five of him on the reels you get a 333 coin payout - which is tripled in value to 999 coins if the lovely Witch Winnie appears on the reels, too. The Jack O Lantern symbol and the Spellbook are bundled together for a prize value of 333 coins as well - but pay attention, as the values do not continue to mirror that of the Bullfrog as fewer numbers appear on the reels. The pay table tells you everything you need to know, so download and take a closer look.

As for the other symbols, the highest paying ones involve the Black Cat, which, for five of a kind, gets you a scintillating 1000x payout on the payline! The Dark Raven (which is from poet Thomas Harding’s A Darkling Thrush) comes in with equanimity and pays the same amount as the Cat. If Winni the Witch replaces a single one of the symbols, then your payout is tripled in value to 3,000x. Next up are the Pumpkin, Frog, Spellbook symbols and others. Most importantly, the Scattered Cauldron symbol is steady boiling a witches brew for you - hopefully, it comes out as a winning recipe to pad your bank account. Download and play Bubble Bubble Slots today, and check out the sequel if this one catches your fancy.

Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

With 5 reels and 20 paylines, Bubble Bubble 2 Slots is the second incarnation of the successful first go-round. Once again, Real Time Gaming has outdone itself with this witch’s brew of a video slot, offering updated symbols and even better graphics than the impressive first one. On the reels, you’ll find symbols represented by a dark bat, a roiling cauldron of spells, a spell book, a mouse, a ram’s head skeleton, a grizzled old owl, a lit candelabra, a witch's hat and a female black cat. Whew! Now that’s quite a few symbols, because there are no poker card jacket fillers in this video slot. The background is dominated by an old decrepit house that looks to have some magic about it, placed squarely in the center of a graveyard.

The symbol values in Bubble Bubble Slots 2 do somewhat mirror its antecedent, but some of them are different from the expected, so it’s still important to have the pay table accessible as you play. Winnie the Witch is as lovely as ever, and makes yet another appearance on the reels as a special symbol that enhances your potential payouts.

As for the direct attributes of Bubble Bubble 2 Slots, Winni has returned to cook up quite the potion of surprises for you. There’s something called the Greater Ghosts Feature, which is unlocked by the Scatter symbols, and grants you a multitude of free games. When you trigger the feature, a maximum of 9 Ghosts flit about the screen along with the paying scatter symbols. Even better, it’s possible to retrigger this bonus feature to keep the big wins coming. The primary bonus games are separated into three separate spots named the Wilder Witches Feature, the Greater Ghosts Feature and the Ultra Bewitched Feature. All you have to do is strike one of them and see what lies beneath after a round of play. Winni the Witch is even more active with her red potions in Bubble Bubble 2 Slots; download today to be a part of the experience.

Cai Hong Slots

Cai Hong is one of the many Chinese gods that have mostly been replaced by monotheism. Back when he was active, he was revered as the God of Wealth and Luck, which is appropriate for a real money slot game. Built by Real Time Gaming, it’s got the requisite 5 reels to be a video slot, and plenty of ways to win with its 30 paylines. The symbols on the reels include oxen, Cai Hong as a bonus icon, a sun bear, a tiger, a rooster, a rabbit, the poker card jackets nine through ace, and a few others. Cai Hong is a very valuable symbol, such that five of a kind delivers a payout of 10,000 coins, four of a kind gets you 2500 coins, and so on down to 2 symbols for 10 coins. Cai Hong is the Substitute symbol and he can replace any other symbols except the Scatter. The Chinese character Scatter has several special attributes, such as enhancing payouts and unlocking free games.

As for the regular symbols on the board, the tiger is the most valuable with a delivery of 750 coins for a line up of 5 tigers on the reels. If the god Cai Hong appears to replace one of the tigers, then your payout is doubled to 1500 coins. This rings true for all symbol enumerations down to 2 tigers. Next up is the valuable rooster; for 5 of a kind the reward is also 750 coins, with the same enhancements as provided by the god of wealth. The final triumvirate of symbols are similarly valuable for those that can find purchase in the realm of luck. The oxen is good for a 400 coin payout for 5 of a kind, with an increase to 800 coins if Cai Hong graces the reels as the Wild symbol. Five rabbit symbols releases a 250 coin payout, and 5 of a kind of the sun bear gets you 250 coins. Try out Cai hong Slots for size and enjoy the gameplay purely in the Instant Play mode. To play for real cash and prizes, then click the download button.

Lucky 6 Slots

When the month of March rolls around (like it does every year!), Real Time Gaming’s Lucky 6 Slots gets more plays than at any other time during the 12 month span. One look at the theme makes it clear why - this is all about the Luck of the Irish, and is, at heart, an extolment of St. Patrick’s Day. With 6 reels and 10 paylines, it’s a bit on the small side, but there are still numerous ways of winning. The symbols on the reels include an Irish horseshoe, a pair of Lucky Green Leprechaun Shoes, a Mushroom, a Four Leaf Clover, a Diamond Ring, a Water Well, a Countryside Hare and a Leprechaun. The lower paying symbols include 9, 10, Joker, Queen, King and Ace.

The pot of gold symbol, for five of a kind, gets you 5000 coins as a payout. If the Wild Rainbow with Pot of Gold appears with it, then this is doubled to an amazing 10,000 coins. As you can see, the icons in Lucky 6 Slots really pay out quite liberally. Next up we have the Leprechaun symbol, which delivers another considerable payout of 2500 coins for five of a kind. The Water Well symbol, for five of a kind, gets you a solid 2500 coins. The next few symbols are bundled together as they are worth the same. The green Four Leaf Clover and the Leprechaun Shoes are, separately, worth 1000 coins for five of a kind; if the Rainbow Wild symbol appears, this is doubled to 2000 coins. The Irish Horseshoe and the Countryside Hare symbol is good for 500 coins for five of a kind, and the final two symbols in a bundle - the Diamond Ring and the Red Mushroom are, for five of a kind, worth 300 coins.

The free spins in Lucky 6 Slots come courtesy of the Scatter symbol; it can also get you multipliers with which to improve your chances. Download Lucky 6 Slots and see what it’s like to play with more than 5 reels for a change. Good luck!

Panda Magic Slots

A veritable king of magic slots here at Real Time Gaming, this 5 reel video pokey has an awesome 1024 paylines of play ready to go. The titular character is a huge Panda with the powers of an archmage, weaving tales of magic all across the gameboard to the gamer’s delight. As a game of chance, be sure that you gamble responsibly if you choose to download the casino software and play for real money. Panda Magic Slots has a magic wand that unleashes purple hues of crystalline wizardry. As an example of the betting numbers, if you wager the maximum $250 and play all 1024 paylines, it’s possible to win amounts in excess of $10,000! This barely scratches the surface, however, as you can win up to 2000x your starting bet.

The Scatter symbol is a Magic ticket, and the Wild substitute symbol is none other than the Panda Magic Game Logo. The wild can replace any other symbol except for the Scattered Magic ticket to help you complete a winning payline. Since these are paying scatters, if you happen to get five of them lined up on the reels, then you win 250x your starting wager - which is not bad at all for a traditionally lower-paying special symbol. Additionally, the Scattered Magic ticket can deliver bundles that include 20, 25 or even 30 Free Spins; depending on whether you are able to get three or more of them lined up. The other symbols in Panda Magic slots includes a Mage Hat, Globe, Spell Book, Temple, Mushroom, Ball of Illumination, Bear and Owl. The values of all of these are listed in the pay table in the game. Although Panda Magic slots is available in the Flash version where only fun money is involved, the real money version tends to be the more popular of the two because of the well above-average payouts that are possible. This one’s an RTG bigwig, and you’re invited to play it today.

Voodoo Magic Slots

Based on the ancient pagan belief of the West Indies, certain parts of Africa and primarily, Jamaica, Voodoo is steeped in the magic of the Dark Arts. Real Time Gaming has sought to capture its essence on the reels, with this 5 reel, 13 payline video slot sporting all the most popular symbols of magic lore.It comes chock full of enhancements that make the game ever more exciting - whether you play it for free or fore the chance at some cash by upping the stakes. There are wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus symbols and special features that open up new vistas. The graphics are top-notch, so this game is a pleasure to look at.

Voodoo Magic Slots actually has its origins in a famous Las Vegas (brick and mortar) casino of the same name. The Priestess is an altar of the mother-goddess, which, although this is an abomination unto Elohim, fits in perfectly with Voodoo legend and lore.Fittingly, then, she is the high value Wild symbol and can replace any other non-Scatter symbol to help you complete a winning payline. The Scatter symbol is the famous but dreaded Voodoo doll, which allows a dabbler of the Dark Arts to inflict pain on someone through a wooden or cotton representation of that person. Powerful stuff; this Voodoo! The Doll is a paying Scatter, too, which means that it has quite a few abilities even in this game. You can win up to 100x your wager if the Scatters align appropriately.

As with nearly all of Real Time Gaming’s magic slots, you can play Voodoo Magic without any financial commitment whatsoever if you visit the website on your mobile device or desktop - just use the Instant Play option on the landing page. It’s usually right beneath or to the side of the Welcome Bonus. If you’re a real money player, then download the casino software and make a deposit of the appropriate size in order to receive your welcome bonus. Cash and prizes are the goal; may the Voodoo force be with you!

Tian Di Yuan Su Slots

Magic lives again, in full relief and with blessings aplenty from the Far Eastern Orient. Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is ancient wizardry reborn; the Chinese really have it locked down when it comes to themes that involve gods, goddesses, art and magic. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots has plenty in store for the casino gamer. It’s possible to play for free; but if you want access to cash and prizes, then consider the coin denominations that are allowed at the bet line: 30 cents, up to $7.50 per game - or a penny up to 25 cents per payline. Even though the top sum is a bit on the modest side, this pokey still draws high rollers from time to time because of the fantastic graphics and smooth gameplay.

The Wild symbol in Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is the Sun Spirit, which is represented by a youthful looking man ringed in flame and bright orange hues. In a sense, he is the Oriental incarnation of the Greek god, Apollo. For five of a kind on the reels, this very valuable symbol results in a payout of 10,000 coins. Even for just four of a kind, you still win a huge 2500 coins. The Scatter symbol is a lovely blue-clad goddess that is the Oriental analog of one of the Greek god Poseidon's Nereid sea daughters. All wins that involve her are multiplied by your starting bet. For five of these scatter symbols on the reels, you get 500 coins, and so on. For the wild Sun God symbol, he doubles the values of the other payouts when he appears once along with those symbols.

The last two high value symbols are the Oriental avatar of the Greek Helios; for five of a kind, he’s worth a payout of 750 coins - which is doubled to 1500 coins when the Spirit of the Sun Wild symbols appears. And lastly, the Orange Oriental goddess; for five of a kind, she’s worth 750 coins, as well - doubled with the help of the Wild. Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is an RTG powerhouse of a magic pokey, incorporating all of the best elements of the genre into the gameboard. Download today.