High Fashion Slots

When the runway is open, you want to make sure that you're a part of the runway slots. You can be sure that you're cashing out on some of the best discounts that come with being a part of the fashion runway, those that are a part of it and those jackpots that follow. When it comes to being a part of any jackpots, you want to make sure that you're getting what you need from what they have to provide you with.

With the high fashion slots, you know where and when the runway is open. You just have to make a change and take the next step towards freedom. 3 reels and 5 paylines might not seem like a lot but it really is when you spin the reels and see who the boss is at the end. You can really make a big difference when it comes to the high slots, the extras and all that comes with the choices that you make while running the runway.

Symbols and Your Favorite Runway Models

If you're going to be playing in high fashion then it is about time you checked out the models that are giving you all of the attention when the time comes. With them being able to walk down the runway, you want to make sure that you're the one catching them doing so. Keep your eyes peeled for these symbols that make their way around the board.

Designers, shoes, cameras, lipsticks and the models themselves are all going to roll around the screen time and time again. Many of them are going to payout well if you line them up just right and get a few of them in a row. If you get the models to land on the reels then they will replace all of the other reels and give you the bonus and extras that you're looking for on your payday. The scatter symbol is the runway and this is the one you really want to line up on the board.

Bonus Rounds for Those Models to Walk

When it comes to the bonus rounds, you want to make sure that the models are walking but that you can actually line up the runways. Once you do, you open up a new game play which awards you the free spins that you can win even more free spins on. Not only that, but they also multiply your bet and your winnings, so you win even more money when you're playing on the bonus round. This is very insightful and great for everyone to try.

When it comes to playing the game, you also want to keep in mind that there are two jackpots that you can also win. One of them is the progressive and the more you play, the better your chance at actually taking home the cash that is being held in that one. The other is also progressive, but also a little bit easier to win since it is not as big, but definitely a good win. The big one pays out $1,800 and the little one is a good $200 so whichever you land on, know you're striking the gold either way because it is more than what you had!