High Rollers Slots

One can say that High Rollers Slots is a retro slot from the 60s. The symbols certainly reflect that fact. This is a classic slot with a few features. Although the symbols are not traditional in any sense, this is an interesting slot game nonetheless. The background for this slot game is a casino, and the slot itself is the old time slot with the lever.

About the Game

High Rollers Slots is a 5-coin slot game, with symbols that reflect the era. It is easy to play as the pay table is located at the top of the slot machine allowing you to view the symbols and payouts as you play. At the bottom of the slot you will see a red button that allows you to cash out at any time. The buttons at the bottom of the slot are traditional and, frankly, reflect the old time slots played in casinos.

Playing the Game

You should note that column one (shown at the top) will only pay out winning combinations on lines one through four, while the second column will only pay out for line 5. The Peace Symbol is the wild symbol, and will substitute for all other symbols in this game. If it matches with any other symbol, you will win. Also, if you get three or more Camper Van symbols on the 5th reel, you will win double the prize. It should also be noted here that this is not a high paying slot game. But it can be of use to new players who have never played slots online.

Play High Rollers Slots

Although High Rollers can be considered a bit unconventional with respect to the title not matching the game, we do invite all new online players to play High Rollers Slots at SlotoCash Flash Casino.