Light Speed Slots

Light Speed is a Sci-Fi themed slot like no other you have seen. It’s like a glimpse into the future, or being in the driving seat of a spaceship. The battle for the universe is waged upon an only pay line, and only 3-reels, yet Light Speed slots run like a rocket to the sun! Even the game symbols depict scenes from outer space. The game offers some smooth casino features that add to the intensity and excitement, creating an utterly atmospheric gaming experience. The bonuses are literally from another planet.

Not of this Earth

Light Speed takes a space shuttle ride into the future of gaming. The game has animated symbols and a space invaded backdrop. Game icons include; spaceships, laser guns, planets, robots, aliens and similar figures.

Wild Robots & Light Speed Scatter

The Wild of the game is depicted by the robot symbol. Landing it on the reels means it replaces other symbols to create winning combinations. Alas, it cannot replace the Scatter symbol. The additional gorgeous feature is the Light Speed Meter feature, which is triggered when you bet the maximum of three coins on the pay line, and the Light Speed symbol appears. Once this happens, the meter jumps to a 7x multiplier. Once the win is unlocked, the meter is reset to 1x. The Light Speed Meter is a vital tool to gain access to the progressive jackpot feature of the slot. The symbols pay out handsomely and lucratively. The lowest paying symbol is the green alien with the huge bug eyes. The flying saucer and the shiny yellow star are up next. Then it’s the turn of the planet Earth symbol and the laser gun symbol which can trigger the top jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot

Light Speed has a lovely, high paying progressive jackpot. The chance appears when the Light Speed Meter reaches 7x. The amount increases with every spin of the reels until it reaches extraordinarily high amounts. The progressive jackpot can be triggered in another manner. You will need to get three of the Laser Gun symbols, and the Light Speed meter is all the way up. Once this occurs, the progressive jackpot is reset to a base amount of $700, and the process repeats itself indefinitely.

Wagering at the Speed of Light

Light Speed uses a fixed coin value of 25c. One can, however, choose to wager three coins. Nevertheless, the game still provides thrills, mainly due to the progressive jackpot. Landing three planet symbols wins you a 150 coin bonanza. If the meter is fully loaded, the win increases to 1,050 coins!

Light Speed Summary

Light Speed is a supersonic space trip through the cosmos. The universe is your oyster. The spaced out bonuses add to the gritty casino thrills and excitement. The theme is fit for a science fiction movie, as are the graphics and animations. The wagering, although with a low limit, still manages to provide a superlative experience, not least because of the progressive jackpot. The mobile version of Light Speed slots is fully optimised and modified for mobile play. Any modern tablet or smartphone will deliver a great gaming experience, whether you are using an iOS, or Android device. The theme and symbols complement each other and add spice to the wagering process, which can be controlled and customised to every player’s preference. Take a trip into space and discover places where no man has gone before. Be one of the luckiest pioneers. Play Light Speed and fly to the future.