Rudolph Awakens Slots

Getting ready for the holidays? Need to make sure to get home? Rudolph to. When he is able to hit the open skies and head to the North Pole to meet with Santa, the elves, and the other reindeer, you know that all of the presents are going to be delivered on time, every time. A bonus and video slot machine is one that many people enjoy playing because of the colorful graphics, the bright symbols and more. You should be able to get the bright colorful experience that comes along with the holiday weekend, and the fun that comes along with it. You can then feel good about the Rudolph that is going to deck the holidays and the halls that follow along with them.

This 5-reel slot was made through Real Time Gaming, so you know you're checking out the latest and greatest from a well-known brand that always delivers the best quality gaming experience. Those who are looking for a great experience playing in the slot machine, then you want to make sure that you are getting the extras and more that come from using these slots. You will then be able to watch as the winter snow starts falling and Santa's sleigh that swoops down along with the presents in the back. You should be covered when it comes to delivering presents that follow. If this sounds like an exciting time, especially with the 30 paylines that are waiting, then try for yourself and see where you land.

More on the Software Developer of Rudolph Awakens

Since Real Time Gaming or RTG is behind this quality slot machine, you know that the graphics are the best and the sounds go right along with the beautiful looks that come from these symbols. You don't have to feel like you are missing out on anything when it comes to lining up the right pictures, the right symbols, on the right slots. The colorful symbols provide a great place for you to line up the right looking pieces and get the bigger payouts, but also feel like you are in the middle of the actual casino floor, which is more than you can say from some of the other traditional or classic slots out there.

What Symbols Does Rudolph Fly in With Him?

Of course, you're going to be familiar with Rudolph, since these are his slots but do you know what other symbols are going to be waiting for you inside? There are not only symbols that come along with this holiday, but there are also classic symbols which are different from the themed ones. These symbols are usually the ones that do not pay the higher amounts. This is something to think about, as you want to make sure you're making some money in the process and the only way to go about doing this is through the use of the right knowledge on the right symbols that the game is giving.

There are many symbols to expect when it comes to lining them up. You can find Mrs. Santa, Santa himself, Penguins, Gifts and the classic slot symbols such as the tens, Aces, Queens, Kings, Jacks and more. These are not going to pay a lot, but the themed slots do come with beneficial extras that you want to think about adding to the mix. The Santa is the wild, the gifts are scatters and the Rudolph characters are what opens up the free spin bonus game.

Bonus Features Offered From Rudolph

There is a bonus feature that comes along with landing on the right symbols. The Rudolph Awakens Bonus Feature is the feature you can spend the time in and check out for yourself. You just need to know how to open up the bonus game to make the most of. Just land on Rudolph on the third line and you can get up to 10 spins, and then you will be able to keep re-triggering this feature and getting 3 more spins. You can do this as many times as possible, as this is not a feature that runs out. You can also win some cash each time you get some free spins to play with.

You can put down the bet that you feel the most comfortable with. Wager as low as .01 or as high as $1 depending on what you feel the most comfortable with. This is a great way to get decent payouts if you choose to go with a higher amount to wager on the slots, as the higher the wager, the bigger the winnings when you land on them. You can max your bet out at $30, allowing you to win hundreds if you are lucky enough to land on the right symbols in the right lines.

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