Scuba Fishing Slots

The sea the shining sea - it’s an old saying championed by the land-bound and the seafaring alike, as the early ships sailed away to find riches, food or new land. In Scuba Fishing Slots, you will take the dive into the dark blue depths of the underwater realm, where all manner of exotic creatures swim about and barrel through the waters in search of food and prey (and mating rights). This beautiful adventure and visual treat is from slotmaker Real Time Gaming, and it puts you in the position of a diver and underwater photographic expert in order to get a bird’s eye view (perhaps it should be fish eye view) of what transpires below.

Scuba Fishing Slots has 3 reels and 27 paylines, which tells you right off the bat that it’s a weird one. But weird can be a good thing, and this unconventional 3 reel video slot is as unique as they come - it looks exactly like a 5 reel video slot in terms of the graphics and symbol rendered brilliance. The symbols on the reels include a Great White Shark, sea urchins, sailfish, puffer fish, sea anemone, clam with pearl and others. The shark is the Wild symbol and so it substitutes in for any other symbol. Additionally, the shark can deliver free spins to the lucky player during normal games. Harkening back to the wonderful graphics of this 3 reeler, the shark is an expanding wild that stretches its fins on the middle reel to cover all other symbol for the winning combination. You’ll be delighted with the Re-spin opportunities that the expanding shark unlocks, as well.

Scuba Fishing Slots can be played for free, of course, by accessing the website and clicking on the provided Instant Play link - it’s always on the landing page of the online casino. If you really want to take the dive (pun intended), however, go ahead and download the casino software to obtain full access to the slot and all the wonderful treasures that inhabit the murky depths. You’ll receive a Welcome Bonus for your deposit, and be eligible for the many Promotions and ongoing bonuses that online casinos offer. Furthermore, you can now enter the Tournament Play and join the VIP section for even more chances at what slots such as Scuba Fishing have to offer in competitive play. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email to your newly created casino account and then be apprised of the daily, weekly and monthly offers. It’s smooth sailing from there!

In order to activate Scuba Fishing Slots once you’ve decided in what mode you wish to play - free to play, or download and play for cash - you choose the amount of money you wish to bet on the reels. The coin denominations are set in the pay table, which is available for viewing at any point in time during gameplay. Generally, you should consider playing all the paylines, but varying the coin amount to keep your expenditures respectable - without cutting into your chances of actually winning something. OBviously, though, the greater the risk you take, the greater the potential reward - but gamble responsibly.

The Spin button sets the balls/reels in motion once you’re ready to roll. Alternatively, you can also click the AutoSpin button if you wish to sit back and relax while the game proceeds; you’ll be alerted if a win comes your lucky way. This doesn’t affect the probability of winning in any mathematically discernible way; but some people like to be engaged the whole time, whereas others like to multitask.

If you want to make it the bonus game feature within the normal game, then you will require a minimum of three Wild Great White Shark icons to appear on the reels. They need to show up on the central reel, too, and when they do, they stack up nicely for a shot at the much sought after Re-spin feature. Watch out for the Marlin Fish icon, too, as it is valuable and can bring some good things when they take over the 1st and the 3rd reels. Expect for multiple prizes to be awarded when they do - as long as you’re playing in the download mode, of course.

In Scuba Fishing Slot, all of the symbols pay from the left to the right direction - there’s no exception for the scatter icon here, as there is in most other more conventional video slots. Perhaps the game designers reckoned that the scenic background of crystal clear blue water was more than enough for the average casino gamer, and they didn’t need to incorporate an All Ways Pay feature into their design. Who knows - what we DO know is that Scuba Fishing Slot from RTG is a winner in terms of gameplay, and you would be remiss not to give it a spin. The highest prize in the game for real money players is, after all, an impressive 7500x your starting bet (the variable x is your bet). Truly, you can unlock treasure of the undersea caliber if you hunker down and play for cash and prizes.