Wu Zetian Slots

When it comes to finding the perfect slot machine that offers everything you need and more inside the doors, you can be sure that you get it right here. Along with the beauty of the cash in hand, you can find exactly what you need when the time comes. Everything is right there in front of you, but you have to be the one to take the next spin. A lot of people like to use Wu Zetian slot machine to win cash because not only is it easy to play, but it is fun and it provides a beautiful theme that a lot of the other slots are not able to provide. With great graphics, be able to find exactly what you need.

Take the time to look into the beauty of the Chinese in the Wu Zetian Slots and all that comes with them. You want to make sure that you notice that this 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine has all that you need to line up and cash out with their beneficial excitement. Of course, learning more about the game before you play it is always a good thing to think about. You want to cash out on the bonuses and extras and you want to make sure you know more about the symbols that follow. Everyone has the excitement needed but you need the excitement from winning.

Those Graphics Offered

The graphics are great with this slot machine. Not only are they clean and clear, but they are high quality, as well. You can really feel like you are having a good time when it comes to the graphics that come around the reels and make their way to where they need to go. With the best possible graphics, you know that the sounds that are also playing in the background are just as good. This makes choosing the best graphics easy to do and even better when it comes to getting more from the game.

What the Symbols Say

The symbols that are in the game are something that really makes a difference, as well. You want to know what to expect when you open up the slot machine and start playing. The benefits of being able to take part in the use of the symbols is always a good thing. Since this is a Chinese themed game, you can bet that most of the symbols are of the same theme. There is an amethyst, Chinese comb, lantern, pearl, pot of gold, princess, warrior, gong and more. Every piece is a part of China.

There are many specialty things to look out for when it comes to playing the slots. You want to check into the extras that they are providing to those that come out to play. The gong is the symbols that are going to open up the bonus game. Not only that but if you're looking to win big than many of the specialty symbols are going to pay out pretty big when you land on them. The pearl is the wild and it is the one that is going to pay out the most because of this. You have to get just three in a row and you're in business. The gong opens the bonus round and is also the scatter which cannot be replaced, even with the wild.

Matching Them Up for Bonuses

When it comes to matching up the symbols for bonuses, the pearls bring a bit of money with them compared to some of the other spins you could do. Not only that, but they are fun to land on. You will open up a bonus game when you land on the gong scatter symbol. This opens up a mini-game where you can choose the earnings that you get whether they are a bonus amount, free spins or both. You just have to choose one of the options that they give you and then see what opens within it. There is also a jackpot that comes around in this bonus video that provides you with even more cash, should you land on it and win it.

When you have gone through and actually played the slots, you will find out that this is one of the most fun places that you can spin the reels at and really have an overall good time. Everyone is welcome to come out and try their luck with the slot machine that welcomes one and all to play. With excitement around every corner, you're going to be sure to find something that really sticks and provides you with a way to have fun. You'll keep coming back again and again to play this game, just like everyone else does.