The Big Heist Slots

Okay, so you want to rob a bank. Consider the risks you will be taking. So instead, why not play The Big Heist Slots? At least you’ll win in an honest and open game format. This particular slot has a progressive jackpot, which is rare among classic slots. So take a hint from us and play The Big Heist Slots at SlotoCash Flash Casino the legitimate way.

About the Game

The Big Heist is a 3-reel, 1-payline bonus progressive slot. The coin bet requires 3 coins for a max bet of $15 per spin. Definitely worth it, right? The pay table is located at the top of the slot so that you can review the symbols and payouts as you play.

Playing the Game

At the right side of the slot is a Meter which will come in handy as you play. This Meter will come into play during the Crack the Safe Bonus Round. There are no other special symbols in this slot game. The max number of coins is 3 and, as you will see, each coin can win you a top prize. Get three Badges and with a one coin bet, you can win 250 coins; with a two coin bet you can win 500 coins; and when you bet the max, you can win the progressive payout. The progressive jackpot is triggered by spinning 3 police badges in a singular spin. They pay out from a random level ranging from 116, 500 coin, and 1100 coin. You can also be fortunate enough to win the once per game 2000 coin jackpot.

The Meter: Crack the Safe Bonus Round

The meter plays an important part in this game. In order to win, you need to accumulate a total of 50 clicks in this round. Throughout the game you will come across dials as you spin the reels. Each dial you come across will be collected and added to the counter. When you hit 50 dials, the safe will crack and you will be given a prize. You can break the safe immediately by hitting 3 dial symbols in a single spin. The safe will crack and you will be awarded a bonus prize that is also hit with a 10x multiplier.


This is a very different type of classic slot that has “meat to it.” With only a $15 bet per spin, you can go on to reap the rewards of the progressive jackpot.