It's Good to be Bad Slots

Sick and tired of being punished for missing prize-winning combinations while playing online slot games? How about a slot that rewards you for missing those wins? That’s why It’s Good to Be Bad was created. This unique slot game actually gives out rewards to gamblers that go for enough rounds without winning any prize money at all. The less successful you are, the more you’ll win in perks from this slot. This game features a little devil character at the top of the screen along with a bunch of pretty standard classic slot symbols. The 3-reel slot game is simple in design and offers smaller payouts, but it’s still interesting enough for us to review it.

A Simple Themed Realtime Gaming Slot

This progressive jackpot classic slot is themed like any other classic slot you might see today. It has just three reels, a single payline and just a couple symbols that you can win on. The only real difference between this and other slots is that there’s fire in the background and the little devil guy at the top that tells you your bonus opportunities. The game doesn’t look that nice and it is very basic in design. You have a few buttons to click to change up wagering settings, but that’s it.

One Payline with a Few Wagering Options

There’s just one payline in this slot, but you can wager up to three coins on that single line. Coins are valued at between $0.25 and $1.00 each. You can put up to 3 coins on the line so you can wager between $0.25 and $3.00 per spin. This is a small amount for high rollers but should be good for low stakes players. You’ll want to have three coins in play to unlock the special features of the slot, which means you must wager at least $0.75 for the best odds. Set an amount you’re comfortable with and get playing this classic slot game.

Losing is the Goal

This slot game is one of the few you’ll ever play where the goal of the game is actually to lose as much as possible. The trick to winning the best prizes from this slot is to continually lose spins one after another. Lose enough and you’ll unlock free spins or even the massive progressive jackpot prize. That’s right if you can lose enough games in a row you will get rich with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from the jackpot payout. You can only reach the jackpot if you are willing to wait for enough losses. Getting four in a row unlocks a single free spin and patiently waiting for more losses leads to better rewards. Cash in the rewards whenever you want and start over, or wait for better prizes. Just be aware that if you get a win you’ll lose all your bad prizes and have to start over from the beginning so don’t wait too long!

A Poor RTP

While we like the concept of this slot game, we can’t give it too high of a rating for a few reasons. It’s a novel game but becomes old over time. There are few symbols, few special features and the prizes are small in size other than the progressive jackpot. The game also only offers a 95% RTP (return to player). That’s not much and makes it hard to get good steady wins while playing. Because of the lower RTP value and simple features we can only give this slot a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. Most of the points that it gets are for its original theme and bonus system and you should try this slot at least once, but you might not want to play it over the long term because you’ll eventually get sick of it.

The Progressive Jackpot is the Only Large Win

Since you can’t wager very much money while playing this slot game you can’t win large prizes either other than the progressive jackpot. You’ll have to rely on smaller payouts to keep you going instead, and hope that someday you’re the lucky one that triggers that huge jackpot payout. Keep turning the reels to bring in more prizes, or switch to a higher paying slot for chances at larger wins.

Demo Mode and Real Money Mode are Available

As long as you’re a member of a Realtime Gaming casino you can play around with this slot without spending any of your money if you want to. Load it up in Demo mode and start wagering right away. You’ll have a play balance to wager with and you can try out the unique features of this slot before you start wagering your real money bankroll. Once you build confidence in this slot game you can change over to betting real money and start playing for the big payout.

A Perfect Mobile Companion

This slot has been optimized perfectly for play on mobile. It runs smoothly on most devices, can be opened up and run on smartphones and tablets both and has so few buttons that you will find it easy to press everything even on a tiny screen. If you like gambling on the go, you will appreciate this slot game for that reason.

It’s Good to Be Bad is a fun slot just because of the novel system for unlocking bonuses. It’s not that exciting, it doesn’t pay well and it’s difficult to win otherwise. If you are interested in the system that runs this slot give it a try, just don’t expect to fall in love with the game.