Mayan Queen Slots

Even though the Mayans are a part of history, it is always good to take a blast to the past and check them out again. Living with riches and gold, they are one of the best places you can go and be a part of the action if you're looking to get your hands on the piece of wealth that they are keeping for themselves. Now is the time to check out the Mayan Queen Slots and find out if you can grab some of that Mayan gold for yourself.

This is an exciting 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine that brings you back in time where you want to be. The slots are completely themed, so you can be sure that you're a part of the Mayan slots and the excitement that awaits you in each and every corner that you go too. You will become a part of history as we know it. Now is the time for the Mayan Queen to greet you.

What Mayan Symbols Should You Expect

When it comes time to play the game and go through the reels, make sure to know what symbols are going to be there to help you get through this game. Of course, it is themed, so you can ensure that each symbols is authentic to the Mayan culture. There are decorative pots, a parrot, cheetah, the Queen herself, jewelry, gold and more. You can be sure to catch all of the Mayan items as they roll around.

Keep in mind that the Queen is one long piece of the game and she is not a smaller symbol that will show up, so when you see her, you know you're winning big because she rarely comes around when you play the game. She is the wild symbol and she replaces every other symbol on the game board besides the scatter symbols which are the emeralds that come around from time to time.

Are There Mayan Extras and Bonuses?

As with any of the slot machine games out there, you can expect to get many of the extras and bonuses that come with them. This is a given since you want to make sure that the Mayan queen has what you need, when you need it. You just want to make sure that you land on the right combo since this is going to benefit you in the end.

You're able to get more out of the game if you get three or more emerald scatters. Once you do, you open up bonus rounds, get free spins and multiply the earnings that you wagered on the board. When you do this, you then multiply everything. If you get the Queen during this round then you will find that this is the largest payout you can get of around 50,000 coins.

It is an exciting game and everyone is invited to come out and try it for themselves. You might be surprised at how much the Mayan Queen is able to give you when you pull the reels and land them just right on the board. You can benefit and so can everyone else in the end.