Mermaid Queen Slots

Glory in the beautiful depths of the sea with Mermaid Queen, a mystical slot experience put together by Realtime Gaming. This video slot game showcases a few sea-related symbols, sets the game atop a beautiful backdrop and offers some exciting prizes potentially for the fortunate players. We’re not saying this is the best slot game themed after a mermaid that you’ll ever come across, but take a look at our review to find out if this is the mermaid game for you. We don’t plan on changing to another slot anytime soon and there are a few reasons for that that we’ll cover down below.

A More Generic RTG Game

Even though Realtime Gaming is known for its unique creations, this slot, though pretty polished, isn’t all that unique in its design. With that said, the game is made to look nice and offers the right balance of prizes as well. That keeps it worth trying out and it’s thanks to the creative powers at Realtime Gaming that the game is interesting at all.

Demo it Before you Spend Real Money

Not so sure if this is the slot for you? No worries, you can try it before you buy it. Take the game for a test run using the Demo feature that’s built right into it. It’s available to test out at any local RTG powered casino. Just click the game, select Demo mode and it will open up with all its features for you to play around with. Load the game and give it a test play before using real cash to play.

Plain and Simple Design

There’s nothing unique about the layout of this slot, and that’s a good thing to many players just looking to load the game and start spinning. From the moment you test out this slot you’ll know how to wager, how to spin and how to make the most of the game. There are very few options and getting started only takes a second.

A Progressive Jackpot Slot Worth Winning

Not only does this game have a pretty impressive progressive jackpot worth thousands or potentially tens of thousands of dollars, but there are also some fixed jackpot payouts that are pretty valuable as well. Between all the different prize payouts it’s possible to win a great deal in just a single spin of the reels, and long-term gamblers can win even more with enough luck.

Wagering Options for Everyone

There are wagering options available to meet the needs of most players over the 20 paylines of this online slot game. All the low-stakes gamblers out there can keep their wagers low and safe and risk as little as $0.01 per spin on just one payline if they like. There is room to up the ante though and start risking more exciting amounts with this slot game. Crank up the wagers and risk as much as $100 per spin with $5.00 on each of the 20 available paylines. The lines are fully adjustable and you can turn them on and off to adjust your wager amount and your prize potential as well. Change the settings around to get the bets right where you want them and enjoy the results.

A Pay Table With Solid Prizes

There are several different symbol combinations that will reward you with a thousand credits or more while playing this slot. The oyster scatter is the first of the bunch and will pay out up to 200x your total wager, or up to $20,000 for the big bettors. Scatters aren’t the key to the bonus round in this slot like they are in others though. Next is the merman. He’s worth a stunning 7,500 coins when you assemble five symbols on the same payline and that has a value of up to $37,500 if you’re wagering the maximum amount on the winning line. The ship symbols will bring in up to 2,500 coins and the plants are worth 1,000 coins if you get five of them. Between all of these different options there is a lot to get excited about when playing this slot if you’re looking for big wins, and that doesn’t even look at the bonus round.

The Mermaid Wild Bonus

Getting a wild mermaid symbol on the first, middle and last reels will trigger the free spin bonus round. During this round prizes are doubled during the first 10 spins and tripled for any additional spins that are unlocked. One additional spin is added to the count for every single clam scatter symbol that shows on the reels, which means that it’s pretty easy to go over 10 and many players have achieved more than 20 spins in a single play session. This is easily the most exciting feature of Mermaid Queen and can lead to prize payouts as great as $75,000 during the 2x multiplier rounds or over $112,000 during the later triple rounds if you unlock any of them.

Just an Okay RTP

This game doesn’t have an amazing RTP (return to player) value with a figure of 95%. It’s not bad though. It’s about average as far as slot games go, which makes it worth a playthrough or two thanks to its other features.

Rating the Slot

Even though the game looks pretty generic and unimpressive at first, we can’t help but give it a solid 4.2 stars out of 5.0. That’s because the payouts are excellent, the bonus is simple to trigger and there are just enough quirks to keep you waiting for something fun to happen as you play. It’s not the best video slot available today, but it’s fun and rewarding and that’s good enough for most players to have a good time.

There are Big Winners

Some gamblers will walk away with more than $100,000 in a single spin thanks to the bonus round and the generous fixed jackpot payout. Most won’t win that much but there are plenty of other ways to win thousands of dollars with this slot as well.

Take it on the Go

Did you know that this slot plays well on smartphones and tablets too? It can be brought with you everywhere you go if you want to gamble on the go. That’s great news for players that want to be able to make the fun last long after they’ve left home. The game loads in the browser and runs smoothly.

Mermaid Queen is an excellent video slot game for players that want to win big but are also looking for some entertainment. It’s not the highest paying game available, nor is it the most unique or exciting. It is a solid all-around slot though and that’s why it gets a recommendation from us.