Hockey Hero Slots

Slide back your stick and release it with a mighty crack as you send your puck blasting into the opponent's net. The crowd goes wild and you’ve just won the big game! There’s nothing as thrilling as an intense game of ice hockey, except perhaps a play session with Hockey Hero the online slot. This slot packs in cool features, it looks great if you’re a hockey fan and it can reward you with thousands of dollars of cash if you’re one of the lucky winners. What’s not to like about it? We made up a complete review of the slot down below, but we’d like to start by saying that it’s an interesting creation made by Realtime Gaming, and it’s the type of slot that you have to test play to decide whether you like it or not. Give it a try yourself, or take a moment to get familiar with the features through our review first.

Demo or Play for Real Money Wins

Once you’ve decided on a casino that offers the slot, you have the choice of testing it out for free or playing for real money immediately. Either way, you’ll experience the same features, the same bonuses, and the same odds. If you’re not sure about the game you can start it off in Demo mode and test out everything that it has to offer. Once you’ve taken the time to get properly acquainted with the game you can move on to playing for real cash and try for a big win. It’s the ultimate in online gambling convenience.

A Nice Looking Slot with a Standard Interface

Overflowing cups of beer dot the reels along with skates, bags of peanuts, hockey players, hockey masks, tickets, puck and more special symbols that we’ve all come to associate with hockey games. Each of the symbols is nicely drawn and together you get a kaleidoscope of beautiful graphics that bring the game to life. You’ll be drawn in by the appearance of the game immediately and the animations and sounds implemented only serve to bring this game to life even further. Try it for yourself and you won’t want to look away.

Just the Right Mix of Payline and Bet Options

There are a total of 25 paylines but it’s up to you how many of them you use at a time. Go all out and activate all 25, or take things easy and have just a few active while you play for smaller wagers. You can wager as little as $0.01 on each active line and as much as $5.00 apiece. That gives you real room to bet high or low depending on what sort of player you are. If you’re a low stakes gambler you could wager $0.01 per spin and if you want to go big you can go all out with $125.00 on the line with every spin. Betting big is key to uncovering the largest prizes, but only if you have the bankroll to support that sort of wager for an extended play session.

A Slot with Serious Payout Potential

We were amazed at the prizes offered by this slot when looking through the paytable information for it. With the right combination of symbols, you can get up to 20,000 coins from a single payline. You just need a mix of wilds and team logo symbols together to unlock this massive prize payout. Getting a mix of goalies and wilds will bring you to another major payout worth 10,000 coins and the ref along with wilds is worth up to 2,500 coins. Each of these prize payouts is huge and shows just how much money there is at stake with this slot game. Consider the Major and Minor progressive jackpots that you can trigger at random and the 200x scatter payout bonus and you have loads of ways to win big while playing this game.

A Mobile-Friendly Experience

The only thing better than playing a fun slot in the comfort of your own home is being able to take that same game with you wherever you go. That’s possible with Hockey Hero because the game is designed to work on smartphones and tablets of most makes. That means whether you have an Android, an iOS device or some Windows Phones you can load up the game in your web browser and play. It’s easy to swap between different devices without downloading software to get things to work, and with very little effort you can play this game anyway that you like which is one of the perks of playing a Realtime Gaming title.

Free Spins with Insurance

This hockey slot comes loaded with a pretty nice free spin bonus round. The round is triggered anytime you get three or more scatter symbols out on the reels at the same time. Do that and you’ll go into an 18 free games bonus round. In that round you’ll enjoy extra clock scatters that take the place of the peanuts symbol. Every three rounds another symbol gets removed for clock scatters and you’ll have an increasingly good chance of getting scatter payouts. The only downside of that clock is that if you get more than one of them on the reels at the same time the bonus round ends immediately. Many times you won’t reach the full 18 free games before the game is finished thanks to those scatters. On a positive note, you’re likely to get lots of winning combinations during this special bonus round which can transform a losing session into a winning one with just enough luck. This free spin bonus round comes with a Win-Win insurance feature. Don’t win much of anything during the round and you could get as much as 100X your wager as an insurance payout. The less you win the more the insurance pays, so if you lose hope that you lose big.

We Love This Slot

After much testing, we really like what this slot game has to offer. We give the game a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars which is a pretty excellent rating that few other games have made it to in the past. This game is rated so highly because of its massive prize paying potential and the power of its bonus free spin round. It looks really nice and it’s unique as well. Few other slots are based around hockey, so hockey fans will love spending time with this slot game.

Hockey Hero is a good slot for the right people. Spend some time getting familiar with the game yourself to see if it’s a good fit for you. We love the style and function of this game and it’s hard not to like the massive prize payouts offered. If you bet big you can win big with this game, but you’ll have to put up a lot of cash to have a chance at the biggest prizes. Even low-stakes gamblers can walk away with a nice payout thanks to the random progressive jackpots though, so there is something for everyone with this game.