Lions Lair Slots

If you're looking for a place to call your own and even win a little cash from then this might be the best place for you to go. You can be sure that the lions are waiting for you to come in and check it out. You can also be sure to know that the payouts are going to be quite good in the end, as well. This is what everyone wants when it comes to playing the game and having a good time while doing so.

You can benefit from playing this exciting lion game of 5 reels and 20 paylines. This gives you a decent amount of lines to play from and perhaps win off of. You can line them up and cash out but first you have to learn more about the symbols and the ways that you can make sure that you cash out with the best payout in the end.

Lions Symbols to Know

When it comes to which symbols you need to know, here are some of the ones that you are going to want to keep in mind. You can expect to see the classic symbols of numbers and letters that come with many of the slot machines out there. This is a given for many of them since they enjoy being able to give off the feel of playing a classic slot machine game. Of course, there are some other great symbols, too.

The game is cartoon-like, so you have to venture into the jungle and make sure to check for the paw prints, the jungle animals such as the zebra and monkeys. If you are lucky enough to land on the king, Leon who is a lion then you are able to grab the wild bonus that comes with him. Leon the lion is who you want when it comes to spinning the reels.

Bonus Spins and Extras from the Jungle

The wild lions are the ones that are going to trigger any and all of the extras and bonuses that come with this game. When you get a few of them in a line, you can then make sure to use the free spins that you get wisely. You can even cash out on even more free spins when it comes to playing the game again and again. When it comes to matching up those lions, you want the most from them and this is where you can get them. Of course, you are also going to be able to take advantage of the other extras that come with the lion symbols.

If you're looking to be a part of the jungle then you have come to the right place. With all that is out there, you can be sure that the jungle is a part of you and the winnings that you want to take advantage of in the end. They have your back and now you have theirs when the time comes. Find out more today and feel good about moving forward with a slot that welcomes one and all to it.